Greetje Hein – Elements – Ice crystal

For me “elements” are a part of a bigger thing.

I love snow. Ice crystals are parts of a snowflake. There are many different shapes that all are magnificent and fascinating. So I chose a big ice crystal for “Elements”.

 First I pinned batting underneath organza and stitched with soluble thread. Then I cut the batting away. This technique I saw at the website of Geta Grama.

On the dark blue fabric I painted several ice crystals with paint-sticks and a template.

Then I pinned the organza with the big ice crystal on the fabric and sandwiched it. Again I stitched around the big ice crystal with white embroidery-thread.

Around the painted ice crystals I stitched a line in free motion quilting.

 I made “bubbles” in the spaces between all the ice crystals, all free motion.

Using a heat-gun I burned holes in the organza. In the batting of the big ice crystal I did this as well to create a damaged look.

 The organza gives the quilt a frosty look.

elements - greetje1

Close up view:

elements detail


  1. What a stunning piece, really effective!

  2. This is an eye catching piece. A classic design full of detail. I love it.

  3. Beautiful Greetje. I love the holes in the organza.

  4. Lovely idea and a striking piece of work

  5. A stunning use of your talents, I feel the frostiness of the snowflake and this must be great to view in reality.

  6. Very effective technique ! definitely it shows you’re inspired by winter !

  7. joanbrailsford

    This is a wonderful interpretation and the attention to detail really gives a delicate and interesting effect. I love the frosty feeling you have achieved

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