Genevieve Guadalupe – P

Plant a tree

My focus on this year’s series is to raise awareness to the importance of nature.

Plant a tree and it will grow

all the way to the sky it might go

to tickle the clouds and make them rain

to grow bigger and stronger

inside and out

it will give you many things

but most of all, it will give you life…

Materials and technique: natural cottons, natural dyes, inks, embroidery floss, batting, machine pieced, machine quilted, hand painted, hand embroidered, hand dyed.



Detail view:



  1. Great continuation of your theme. A beautiful tree and I especially like the way you have pieced the background creating relief rather than leaving it ‘flat’.

  2. The way you have built the background is interesting and gives texture to your piece. I like the mix of machine quilting and hand stitching.

  3. joanbrailsford

    I like the way that you have built up the background before adding the wonderful stitching that makes up your tree. Beautiful

  4. A very nice continuation of your series. The use of all the natural materials is very complementary to your theme.

  5. What a lovely tree! The background really sets off the shapes and stitches that make up your tree. It has a peaceful, timeless feel and I would love to sit in the shade that this tree would provide.

  6. Love the strong connection between the tree and the earth – this makes your message sounds very clear!

  7. English quilter

    This is a strong piece showing the connection of the tree and the earth. It matches your poem. The hand stitching and embroidery add to the effect of the piece, and make me think of raindrops which make trees grow.

  8. Trees, where would we be without them. I really like your design, and the poem you used. Mother earth is in this piece too. Your combination of machine and hand stitching gives a powerful look. Just beautiful.

  9. The layered and stitched background adds great visual appeal to your composition. Somuch handwork, such a provocative piece.

  10. I like how you did the background with bigger pieces. Then added a tree and the tiny embroidered leaves.

  11. Maryte Collard

    Beautiful piece, love the texture and love the poetry!

  12. As Mother Earth is always working to achieve and maintain harmony, wholeness and balance within the environment, so are your beautiful quilts. Your use of natural fabrics and dyes enhances that idea. Well done Genevieve!

  13. Wonderful work with a poetic poignant introduction. I like the use of natural material that confirms your message. The well-made background gives depth to all the work. I love your hand embroidery. Well done I love it.

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