Lin Hsin-Chen – Texture

Nature has been the source of my creative inspiration for a long time. Texture is an amazing product of Nature. Everything we see and feel has its beauteous texture. I’m very fascinated by its pure and true beauty, which is always changing, just like a prophet guiding me to learn and create. I tried to sew the supple beauty into this quilt. This quilt is a “Sincere Greeting” for all the members of 15 x 15. I would like to thank every one of you for letting me join this creative group.

Materials: chintz, chiffon, cotton, silk, glitter, beads

Techniques: rubbing, hand stitches, hand quilted

Lin_Texture Full copy

Close up:

Lin_Texture Detail

  1. Chantal Guillermet

    Lin, it is so exquisite ! bright and delicate in the same time ! I can see your other quilts behind !

  2. I have to agree with Chantal, the quilt just springs to live and this is an excellent interpretation of texture with the variety of fabrics. Cheers

  3. I like the repetition of the floral motif, and the texture created by the couched threads and beads.

  4. Thank you everyone! This is my first quilt for Fifteen by Fifteen, and I am so surprised that the reaction seems to be good. I’m keen on hand-sewing and sometimes it could be a real challenge for me. Every fabric has its own texture, and I was trying to sew them in my quilt. I love everyone’s work. Every quilt is amazing and meaningful.

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