Kaylene Maalste – Country – Emblems

The inspiration for my quilt came from the national flower on the country’s coat of arms.

My background material is linen, I hand drew the branches and stems, and then sewed along these lines. The leaves were appliqued in place. I then took another feature (seven pointed star) on the emblem (coat of arms), and hand quilted this in various places over the quilt. The stems and branches is twisted fabric sewn in place with embroidery thread. The small flowers are hand dyed cheese cloth (open weave muslin), that was rotary cut into small pieces. I then formed these into a shape and sewed them down with embroidery thread.

Detail view:

  1. Beautiful emblem but I still have no idea what country has this pretty flowers in its coat of arms 😦

  2. Like Bozena, no idea about the nation whose emblem contains mimosa, I learned it with you.
    Well done and the flowering is well highlighted.

  3. I love this, although I knew which country it was I hadn’t realised that wattle and mimosa are the same thing! We have mimosa locally here too. The way that you have formed the flowers is brilliant and I like the way that you have used the stars to quilt the background, lovely work.

  4. What a lovely piece Kaylene ! Mimosa are in full bloom here but I did not know they were part of the Australian coat of arms ! I love how you have done the flowers, it is really effective !

  5. I knew what country it was! I’ve been to Australia and had I good look at it after my friend told she didn’t eat meat of animals on the coat of arms(she let me to try though). I have a photo where I am standing by the flowering tree of the golden wattle. Your flowers look so real! love you quilt very much!

  6. I couldn’t figure out the country until I read the comments. This is a beautiful depiction of a mimosa and the flowers are beautifully done. Thanks for describing the process, it helps to understand your methods.

  7. I didn’t have an idea which country this could be, but immediately liked the beautiful flowers and the smart way they were made and assembled . Same for the couching of the stem and branches. Makes it a bit 3-D. To use the stars of the flag as a background quilting design is a very bright idea. Well done, love it.

  8. Nice to learn new things, I had no idea that the golden wattle/mimosa is Australia’s national flower because when in bloom it displays the national colours, green and gold. Beautifully done, very lifelike. Splendid treatment of the flowers. Lovely!

  9. Great depiction of your wattle/mimosa tree. I love the way that you have created the flowers and the twigs. It is a really vibrant quilt and the use of the star in the quilting is perfect. Well done

  10. I love this design – it’s a great representation of the tree. The way you formed the flowers sounds very time consuming but is certainly worth the effort.

  11. I couldn’t figure out what country it represented, but I love the way you created the mimosa branches and blooms, gives your quilt depth and texture. Love it!

  12. studiociboulette

    I absolutely love it. what a beautiful way to represent Australia. I love your attention to details in the flowers and in the quilting. beautiful.

  13. I love how you created the branches. Your flowers are beautiful! Great composition.

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