Gaye Alger – Monoprint – A light Fall of Snow

A Light Fall of Snow

After a lot of sampling on paper and fabric I was decided on an idea when I had to make a sudden visit back to England. It just so happens that the weather had suddenly turned cold and snow had fallen on the hills.  As I was driving over these hills I realised I was driving through a perfect monoprint.  I stopped to take some photos and my quilt is the result.

It is very simplistic.  I used white acrylic paint (with a small quantity of fabric medium) on a black fabric and using a large sheet of freezer paper as my “plate” I was able to draw  and produce my picture with one print. I have free motion quilted the outlines of the main features and used a decorative stitch for the barbed wire.  I decided against my plan to heavily free motion fill the background snow areas as I realised it would hide the wonderful texture created by the printing process. I then simply put a larger than normal binding in black to frame the picture.

It is different to my usual quilts but overall I am pleased with the results

Light Snowfall

Close up View


Light Snowfall close up


  1. Simply done — and simply elegant! A good lesson in not ‘over-thinking’ a technique!

  2. Beautiful winter scene. I like the effect of the white paint on the black background and its contrast.

  3. Stunning, I love the simplicity of it.


    Nice, silent and a beautiful print. Good idea to use white paint on a black background, you really touched the snow with it.

  5. I like the way that the white on black monoprint gives so much texture to the piece and exactly gives the impression of snow on the landscape. Well done

  6. I love your piece. It is simply elegant and it sure is a snow landscape. Wonderful idea to print with white ink on black fabric.

  7. Dear Gaye, love the idea o the black fabric what a stroke of genius and the monoprint design brings outs the ruggedness we see in old tress. Well done.

  8. A lovely simple design yet so calm and beautiful.

  9. I agree with the other comments. Really beautiful!

  10. Fantastic Guye ,just love it ,will surely give this way of printing a try .

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