Greetje Hein – Series # Pansy 3

For my 3rd quilt of the series I made a background similar to the former quilts.

The pansy is made with thread painting. I learned this technique at the workshop of Susan Brubacker-Knapp. At her class we thread-painted directly on the fabric.

Instead of sewing on the fabric I wanted to create a pansy what is more or less 3 dimensional.

So I put small pieces of organza between two sheets of water-soluble stabilizer. I did this for each of the five petals. Each petal I thread painted with rayon thread in different shades of purple.

After washing the stabilizer out the petals curled a little bit at the edges.

I sewed the petals on the background by hand, but not at the edges. This edges are loose from the background to create the 3 dimensional effect.

I embellished the pansy and some other parts of the quilt with beads.

pansy 3

close up view

close up view




Quilts in Series – Techniques


Quilt 1                                Quilt 2                               Quilt 3

  1. English quilter

    The thread painted pansy is beautiful. The shading is beautiful and realistic, and you have really captured the center of a pansy. The textures in the background are very interesting too.

  2. Chantal GUILLERMET

    Another beautiful piece Greetje ! The way you worked to get the 3D effect for the petals is very effective and your thread painting beautiful.I like the use of green and purple.

  3. carolinehiggs

    A great addition to your series; I love the thread painted pansy and the shadow it creates, your patience has paid off!

  4. A beautiful job! I would love to see this 3D pansy up close — a labour of love and skill. Well done!

  5. Greetje, loving your pansy series and the 3D is great, a question have you used a Dollie pattern in the left side, if so what was your technique, stencil maybe?

  6. joanbrailsford

    Wow, your pansy is amazing, and I applaud your skill in thread painting. The piece works beautifully with the others in the series, and the 3D effect really highlights the flower. I love it.

  7. I love this pansy! The colours are splendid and the thread painting is delightfully detailed.

  8. Now I have seen them in real I am even more in awe of your design, printing technique, and the 3 D effect, A wonderful extension of your series.

  9. Beautiful thread painting. I have done a class with Susan as well. I also like the texture in the background a lovely series piece.

  10. Love the 3D effect of your threading painting, so detailed so realistic. A wonderful addition to your series. Beautifully done Greetje.

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