Els Mommers – P


Inspiration: This Parrotfish is a second in the series to show the beautiful underwater world surrounding our island.

The background of this piece is made in the same way as the previous one in this series: ice-dyed fabric for the ocean and hand painted fabric for the bottom of the sea. The coral on the bottom is also made again from tyvek scraps, skins made with pouring medium and acrylic paint, transfer painted lutrador and  lutrador with puff paint. This time I painted some coral on the background as well. Sea covered with blue organza and part of the bottom with open woven silver blue synthetic fabric. Some bits of this material are floating in the sea.

The parrotfish is painted on silk, ironed  with “wonder under” on a piece of white cotton, cut out and machine appliqued on the background. Fins and scales are “thread painted” with polyester and monofilament thread. 

The whole piece is free motion quilted with polyester thread and  some hand painted green  tree bark pieces are added for plants. Finally the letter P from Parrot fish is cut from tyvek and appliqued. The rest of the word is embroidered by machine. The piece is finished with a facing.

The whole process can be see on my blog: http://kunamola.blogspot.com

Detail views:


  1. A truly beautiful parrot fish! I really admire how you always manage to include so many different techniques in to one piece of work!

  2. A second piece for a beautiful series !!! I admire how you are working with tyvek to add texture to your pieces. It is always very successful.

  3. joanbrailsford

    Such care and work that went into creating all the elements of your quilt have produces another wonderful piece in your series. As always the colours are wonderful and truly reflect a wonderful undersea world. Beautiful

  4. What beautiful colours! Your use of different materials and techniques is amazing and this is another wonderful result.

  5. Who would guess that parrots can swim! Beautiful underwater kingdom!

  6. English quilter

    This scene brings back memories of the joys of diving and seeing the large parrot fish in their element. Your use of “unusual” media to create the underwater scene has worked well. The subtlety of the fish in its natural habitat is very realistic.

  7. Maryte Collard

    Perfect and beautiful as always. I admire how much work you always put in such small piece but it is worth of the result you get. Wonderful!

  8. Another beautiful piece Els. Always using so much techniques in one piece, really creating the feeling to be underwater with this nice fish. A happy parrotfish, well done.

  9. This is a delightful quilt, demonstrating both good use of a mostly monochromatic color scheme and movement. I like your willingness to experiment with Tyvek and Lutrador, sometimes tricky things to use.

  10. A lovely second piece of your series. As always I admire the use of all the different materials. Just beautiful!

  11. studiociboulette

    I just want to go swim in your paradise quilt. The colors, and the attention to details of the ocean scape are incredible. Bravo Els!

  12. Love all the texture and how you always play with so many unique techniques. I feel I am snorkeling and swimming with the parrotfish in beautiful Saba. Awesome Els!

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