Lin Hsin-Chen – Series #5 – Journey Series #5: Memento of Australia

I visited Australia for the first time in 1988. I was surprised to find out that the totems painted by indigenous Australians were also printed on fabrics. I was fascinated by these patterns and therefore I bought some of them. From then on, I have kept collecting these kinds of fabrics whenever I travel to Australia. The fabrics have connotations of artistic creation, which is originated by the living and culture of Aboriginal Australians. They are so special and meaningful. I have been enjoying creating the quilt with my collection of Australian fabrics. Every stitch seemed spontaneously. I really like the creativity of this culture.

Materials: commercial cottons of Australian Indigenous dot painting, ribbon, embroidery floss, silk, beads
Techniques: hand stitched, hand pieced, hand appliqué, hand quilted

Journey Series 5 Memento of Australia_Lin Hsin-Chen

Quit in Series – Journey



Journey Series 4 Memento of the U.S._Lin Hsin-Chen    Journey Series 5 Memento of Australia_Lin Hsin-Chen


  1. I like the combination of flowers and indigenous patterns, a great addition to your wonderful series.

  2. Another beautiful piece ! I like how the flowers stand out from the aboriginal Australian fabric.
    Well done.

  3. Thank you Caro and Chantal. The dot painting fabrics are so beautiful, and my flowers are just icing on the cake!

    I have been enjoying seeing everyone’s work. All of them are stunning. What a wonderful conclusion to our series challenge!

  4. The Aboriginal fabrics make a great background. Your series is a great memory to your traveling.

  5. Collecting fabrics in the countries that you’ve been travelling to, was a good starting point for your series, and you did a great job working with them. I love each piece of it, the stitching and the use of color. Well done.

  6. A beautiful design and clever use of the background fabric. Your series is a delight to look at so vibrant. bravo

  7. I really like the flow of this series. I can tell the same person worked on it. There is harmony. Well done!

  8. I love the way that your Australian fabrics give a feeling of movement to the piece, as if your flower is moving gently in a breeze. This has been a lovely series, and it has been very interesting to follow your stitching journey. Well done.

  9. The blues have really unified the series. I love the innovative use of aboriginal fabrics to create movement and interest. The flower has a delicacy to it. Well done.

  10. For me it looks like if the flowers are jumping of the fabric. I love your idea of using the fabric that you bought during your travels for this series. Especialy this aboriginal fabric is wonderful. All your quilts are so well done and colorful and I can always recognize a “lin quilt”.

  11. The like the way you have used these beautiful combination of fabrics. There is movement and the flowers look 3D. This is a wonderful conclusion to your series. Well done!

  12. A lovely bright piece to complete your series. Your selections of the colours and designs in the background are great and the bold flowers contrast well with the geometric shapes behind.

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