Els Mommers – Motion: ROMIJN BMX


The first thing that came to my mind when Motion was announced was a radar picture of the swirl of the devastating hurricane Matthew that destroyed Haiti again at the beginning of October.

At the same moment our grandson Romijn sent us some photos of himself crossing on his BMX bike and all of a sudden that seemed to be a much better option for this theme. This was motion in optima forma.
BMX is an abbreviation for Bicycle Motor cross and is his favorite pastime.

I made a photocopy of the picture, traced the contours on a light box and filled in the shape with black marker. I then photo copied it again, This time in 6 different sizes.
These copies were traced on white fabric descending in color from black to light grey.
Vliesofix ( Pellon Wonder under) was ironed under the fabric. The figures were cut out with sharp scissors and raw edge appliquéd on a handpainted background.

The background of the bikers is done in machine echo quilting for even more “motion” feeling.
The inside of the wheels is quilted by hand as is the middle part between the bikes.
The bottom part has pebble quilting in order to give an idea of a soil full of stones.

Hand painting, fusing, raw edge appliqué, free motion quilting by hand and machine

White cotton, hand painted cotton, batting, variegated polyester thread, hand dyed cotton thread, fabric paint, pellon wonder under.







  1. Els, well done with your interpretation, the echo quilting adds to the motion plus the changing sizes of Romijn, the dark colours contrast beautifully with your vibrant background. Well done.

  2. Wow! BMX bikes were “big” when my son was in his early teens — and I confess I’m relieved he never took to it! But you have made a wonderful interpretation of it here — a real celebration of “motion” and youth!

  3. Els this is wonderful. Great idea, fabulous colours and stitching. I just love it

  4. Great interpretation Els ! I really like the echo quilting it enhances the idea of movement, well done !

  5. Great idea, I love the way you have reduced the image and the tone with distance, Lovely!

  6. Good use of colors! Full of energy. I especially like the echo quilting. Very beautiful.

  7. Els, as usual very colorful. I agree with Caroline about reducing the image and tone. Romijn will be proud of his grandma!

  8. Superb in concept and execution.

  9. I agree with the others, that you have really captured motion with your use of colour gradation and echo quilting. Another fabulous piece

  10. Els, I agree with Caroline too, on the changing size of the images and colour. I trust your grandson is impressed too. The graduation of the background colours complements the gradations of the size of your images, plus the outline quilting. A clever piece.

  11. My first thought when I saw your piece, Els, was ET; remember that movie? There’s something fairy-tale like about this piece, as well. The colors are gorgeous, and the varieties of stitch set the scene. Very ingenious and effective.

  12. English quilter

    A great way to capture motion. The quilt reflects your grandson’s energy and joy on his bicycle. I love the way that the changes in grey tone create movement. The background colors are wonderful and really set off the cyclist

  13. Els, a beautiful piece, with a strong feeling of motion. As usually you thought out your design and translated it in a clever way. Love the colours, the stitching and the repeating pictures if the cyclist in different colours.

  14. Lots of energy and movement here emphasised by the echo quilting behind the figures.

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