Greetje Hein – Series#4 – Pansy 4

For my 4th quilt of the series I made again a background of different greens and purples.

On the left I used a few real pansies. I dried them for my 3th quilt, but ruined them when I ironed it. I could save three of them and used it this time. They are fused on the background and covered with silk chiffon to protect them.

I made the leaves with a semitransparent web.

For this pansy I cut the petals from pelmet Vilene. I  painted the wet petals with acrylic paint. After drying I stitched with several threads and yarn on each petal.

Only the center of the pansy is attached to the background to create a 3 dimensional effect. I embellished the pansy with beads.

A few years ago I did a workshop with this technique with Ronnie de Winter.


Close up view






Quilts in Series – Techniques



  1. Greetje, a show stopper the embellishment of the pansy is eye catching, love the use of dried pansies in the background a real ecological touch. What can I say about the painted Vilene…was it difficult, it is so real? Bravo

  2. Wow! What attention to detail, this is lovely. I love the real pansies and the details of the inner flower. Your colours carrying through all the quilts make it a really good series.

  3. The texture given by yarns, thread and beads gives a strong 3D effect to your pansy. I also like your colour harmony, it really helps to link the quilts together.

  4. Another beautiful pansy in your series. I love the cohesion in your work not only in colour but in design as well. The 3D effect is wonderful as is the embellishment.

  5. What a beautiful pansy this is. The colours and embellishments are lovely and the background design really sets off the centrepiece.

  6. I love this rich and beautiful pansy, and it sits really effectively against the dried flowers you have used. The details on your large pansy are breathtaking. This is a wonderful series.

  7. Greetje, this quilt is exquisite – I love the wee dried pansies and the large pansy is beautifully stitched and the vibrant purple just glows.

  8. You’ve managed to create another beautiful, vibrant pansy Greetje. The rich colors and embellishments really make your pansy pop.

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