Greetje Hein – P


Inspiration: I love poppies in the fields!

This second quilt of my letter-series with fieldflowers is Poppy. The composition is more or less the same like “Sunflower”.  I dyed a strip Velours de Panne with transfer-paint to get the right color. This time I cut out the word poppy so the background fabric comes through.

Years ago I made a small poppy with some transparent materials. I extended the flower with batik, organza and sparkled tulle. I added some sparkles on the letter too.




Close-up view:

close up poppy

  1. carolinehiggs

    Beautiful poppy red! Te choice of colours is great and I like the way that you have made the P, lovely work.

  2. I like the bright red ! a good unity with your first piece.

  3. joanbrailsford

    A wonderful colourful quilt that captures the luscious reds of the poppy. I think that this will be a beautiful series and I like the way that your design brings the pieces together. Love it

  4. Beautiful addition to your first flower quilt. I like the complimentary colours, the sparkling effect and the way you just extended the leaves a little over the edge. Well done.

  5. A lovely second piece in your flower series. I love the use of the “poppy from the past” and the little extra details you have added to complete the whole design.

  6. Bold and beautiful!

  7. Maryte Collard

    It looks so luxurious with bright red and all the sparkles. Works well with your first piece and I look forward to the next.

  8. English quilter

    The colours work very well together and the strong red emphasises the poppy. The reverse applique text worked well too. The close up of the poppy shows how you used different fabrics to create a very effective flower.

  9. Love the way you repeated your design for your quilt. The colors are beautiful and the combination is strong. Nice to cut the letters out of your fabric to create the word Poppy. The little sparkling things feel like daw drops, great piece!

  10. Such a vibrant and colorful quilt! This is the perfect red.The four columns of beads along the lower edge do a great job of subtly filling the open space.

  11. studiociboulette

    I love all the little poppies on the P, it adds so much dimension and softness to your quilt. Beautiful!

  12. I love how you incorporated a field of poppies in your letter P, it made me smile! It’s a well balanced composition with the perfect red. Bravo!

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