Greetje Hein – Flight

How far will they fly?

Inspiration:  Our granddaughter asked me how far the puffs could fly. At that moment I had my idea for “Flight”.

One day I walked home from school with our five year old granddaughter. She picked a dandelion and blew the puffs away. Then she asked me this question. At home she posed for me. I enlarged the photo and used it for the appliqued girl.

The background for the quilt is hand dyed. The dandelions are done with acrylic paint and free-motion stitched with rayon thread. The girl is a fused applique and also free-motion stitched with rayon thread. The details on the face I did with intense pencils. The puffs are hand embroidered.

Of course our granddaughter is very proud she posed for this quilt. She just got a ring for her good marks at school and really likes the ring on the quilt.


Close-up view:

flight 2 (2)

  1. The power of little girls – that’s what your piece is all about for me, beautiful!

  2. Maryte Collard

    How wonderful that your granddaughter inspired you for the flight just like mine did. Very well executed, love the quilted and embroidery.

  3. Beautiful as always, both in design as in techniques. And a great idea to use your granddaughters question for this theme. It really is a flight!

  4. A delightful piece with a feeling of peace of mind.
    Your quilting is very effective and your design very good.

  5. studiociboulette

    Beautiful. I love your choice of colors and your quilting is incredible.

  6. Your depiction of your granddaughter is as cute as can be. I can almost feel the breeze taking away the dandelion seeds. Your use of color is very soothing.

  7. What a beautiful quilt and how well you have portrayed your granddaughter (I think your artistic talents are much greater than mine). The colours and details are lovely, especially the prize ring, and your quilting is really fine. Well done

  8. Great choice of subject. I love the details down to the ring, you have captured a lovely moment in time.

  9. Fantastic. I love it! Everything works! The color, the subject, the quilting the embroidery. Just great.

  10. What a sweet quilt Greetje! Love everything about it.

  11. This is such a moving quilt. The little girl with her blue dress in the green grass. You can almost make a song of it. Your quilting is superb. I LOVE this piece.

  12. Beautiful and affectionate choice of theme. Perfectly made. I love everything from the choice of colours to embroidery and quilting. Bravo!

  13. This is beautiful, and a lovely story to explain your inspiration too.

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