Kaylene Maalste – Series #2 – Techniques – Applique

The second quilt in the series is “Applique” I had to choose an uncomplicated technique due to having carpal tunnel surgery on my hand last month. The circles were hand sewn and outlined with embroidery thread, the “blank” circles were outlined with a freezer paper and then hand embroidered.  The echo quilting was done with the walking foot. To maintain the continuity with from the first quilt the right hand side of the quilt has two vertical strips of fabric to act as a border. The circles were placed so that the pattern line in the lower three pointed to the top circle inviting the viewer’eye to travel up through the quilt.

Materials: 100% plain broadcloth and shibori dyed cotton.


Quilts in Series – Techniques


Quilt 1                               Quilt 2




  1. I found it helpful to open your #1 post and read it…then refer back to this one. 🙂 Taken over-all (rather than examining your technique — though your needle-turn is very good and so is your embroidery — I got the impression of stones thrown into a shallow pool…with the resulting ripples moving out (via your shadow quilting). The green background adds to the calming picture this presents in my imagination.

  2. carolinehiggs

    A very clean and neat piece; I like the way that you have mixed the colours of the chain stitch with the machine stitching.

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    Kaylene I like your shibori fabric and how you used it with the green background.
    The mix of machine stitches and hand embroideries is very effective. And a special bravo because you had to deal with a “recovering hand” !

  4. I like the way you have straight quilting on one side and circles echoing the applique circles. Shibori fabric is great.

  5. joanbrailsford

    I like the calmness of your piece and the way that the pattern on the circles gives movement and continuity to the piece. I think that the echo quilting further enhances this. well done.

  6. Love the colors. Nice design and effective quilting.

  7. A nice uncomplicated design – very peaceful. You did well with hand embroidery after surgery.

  8. A lovely colourful quilt. Your appliqué is well done and a compliment how it is done this just after your surgery.

  9. Your appliqué technique is well done and the hand embroidery, linear and circle echo quilting is very complementary. Another lovely modern quilt.

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