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Inspiration: Iceland is famous for her sagas and legends. Many stories are about the “Huldufolk”; the hidden people.

Icelandic people tell each other a lot of stories. Most stories are told from generation to generation. Famous are the fairies, sagas and legends about elves, trolls and the people who live under the ground, the Huldufolk. Mostly with a hidden warning. Nobody has ever seen them, but almost every Icelander thinks they exist.

It happens when they are building a road sometimes inexplicable accidents happen. A detour is planned, because the Huldufolk lives there and you can’t disturb them.

In my quilt you see a glimpse of the world of the Huldufolk palace.

I dyed a piece of bedlinen my mother embroidered over 40 years ago to create the palace. The doors are first quilted and after painted with acrylic paint.  The palace is surrounded with black velour de panne, quilted with leaves. The foreground is created with several pieces of Tyvek. The palace has a quilted vaulted ceiling with hanging flowers all over the place.  The people are first stitched and colored with intense pencils.

Detail views:


  1. beautiful interpretation of love the delicate colours in contrast to the darks. bravo

  2. I love the way that you have managed to incorporate the embroidery into the world of the Huldofolk. A great interpretation, well done.

  3. How nice to incorporate your mother’s embroidery in this beautiful piece. I love the quilting that you added and the subtle painting of the “Huldufolk”. The colorful tyvek adds to the depth. Bravo,.

  4. I have always been fascinated by the nordic sagas and legends, your interpretation is really lovely and the incorporation of your mother’s embroidery is perfect.
    I would like to see it in real as the photo seems to flaten the textures.

  5. I love your creation of this special palace. Your stitching and other techniques add beautiful detail.

  6. I’ve never been to Iceland, it’s still in future plans hoping to come true. Love your embroidery work. nice inspiration.

  7. Icelandic legends beautifully told in fabric. I’ve been to Iceland and you quilt took me back to that time. You really captured the spirit of elves, trolls and Huldufolks.

  8. What a mysterious and magical place you have created for your Huldufolk. Love all the details especially the clever use of your mother’s embroidery, which adds a special touch. Well done.

  9. I love the magical way that you have created the palace of the underground folk. My compliments on your mother’s embroidered bedlinen, and you have made beautiful use of it in your piece. All of the fabrics you have used have worked to create a wonderful quilt.

  10. The embroidered bed linen creates such a wonderful glow in your quilt, and I love that you used Tyvek for the foreground. Very creative!

  11. studiociboulette

    Beautiful and detailed quilt. What a magical place. Love it!

  12. You have created a magical piece using your mom’s bed linen. Your stitching is precise and beautiful, as ever. Love your interpretation of the Huldufolk as well as the addition of the coloured Tyvek in the foreground.

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