Lin Hsin-Chen – Recycle – An Elegy for Bees

Millions of beehives became empty. Bees disappeared or died mysteriously which caused the pollinate crisis. Will human in the future live without plentiful fruits and vegetables? It is undeniable that the mysterious and complicated disease of bees is a threat to human life. For the long-term ecological environment and sustainable development, we must take action bravely. Don’t be indifferent. I hope scientists will find out a solution soon, so that we can better protect the global environment and make flora and fauna around the world live healthily.

I use recycled fabric selvage to make the empty beehives in my work. The empty white color represents sorrow. People came to understand the extraordinary contribution of bees after they were gone. It’s a shame that we never cherish them in the past. I remind myself to cherish every piece of hard-won fabric. Besides, as a fiber artist, we should make good use of resources. We can make a difference to our planet. Pray for bees. I hope bees will return to collect nectar happily forever.

Materials: recycled fabric selvage, acrylic paint, beads, glitter
Techniques: hand-stitched, hand appliqué, hand pieced, hand quilted, photo transfer, brush dyeing

An Elegy for Bees_Lin_full

Close up View:

An Elegy for Bees_Lin_detail

  1. It is an interesting approach of the theme. I like how you have used the selvages.

  2. Your approach is very different and you work sends a very poignant message.

  3. Beautiful message. Very nice interpretation of the theme.

  4. This is a strong message about how precious the environment to and as you point out to the bees, a very unique design and use of selvages. Well done

  5. Thank you all for the lovely comments! I really enjoy creating with selvages. My first selvage quilt is When Bees Disappear, it was made in 2009 ( And then I created another one, Innocent Happiness, in 2013 ( You can find them in my website. Thank you.

  6. English quilter

    The use of selveges is very interesting. The subject of what is happening to the bees is an important one as they do far more for the environment than produce honey.

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