Caro Higgs – Series #3

3I have continued using the same motifs but I wanted to play with texture and push the boundaries. Using cotton wadding which was naturally dyed with walnuts I printed the larger circle motif and then densely quilted the background with a metallic thread to give ‘light’ points. Using a commercial brown fabric I printed the smaller circle motif with discharge paste and then cut out the central motif. The upper edges are intentionally raw, I didn’t want any stitching interfering with the clean lines of the shapes. Because I was working back to front I have added minimal stitching to the top layer, the idea is to have something which is almost hanging in space.

It has proved very difficult to photograph due to my use of dark colours, I wanted to create something the same but different, something which gave the impression of wear and tear, rough and smooth and not necessarily in the usual order.






Quilt in Series- Motifs


Quilt 1                                Quilt 2                               Quilt 3

  1. English quilter

    This piece is beautiful and melds well with the first two in your series, which is very homogeneous. You used some fascinating techniques with the layering and walnut dyed batting.

  2. Chantal GUILLERMET

    Very interesting piece, matching with the previous ones. I like the repetition of the shape and the unity of the colours you used.

  3. Caro, you created a lovely piece; different from the others, but in very good harmony. Did you prepare the top layer so it won’t fray?

  4. I find this latest piece intriguing and really like your addition of texture with both the printing and the hand stitch — but confess I wonder how it would have looked if the ‘border’ weren’t there…that is, if it were ‘lacy’ rather than solid.

  5. A very interesting third quilt and I find I am looking deeper into the quilt to see what is behind the motif. Great technique and well thought out.

  6. carolinehiggs

    Yes Greetje, the edges are treated and won’t fray! Margaret, I stuck with a solid edge to stay architectural and to hold the layers stable as the top layer is almost floating.

  7. joanbrailsford

    I like the idea of working back to front, and this technique has given a really interesting effect. I think that the heavily worked background really allows the surface layer to stand out, and it has certainly achieved the desired feel of hanging in the air.

  8. An interesting range of techniques here making a good next step in your series. I like the variation in the reversal of colours, having the darker on top of the light.

  9. A great range of different techniques. I t follows on from your other pieces beautifully. Did you use walnut shells or husks?

  10. I really love how you are using the same shape and yet get such a different result without loosing the cohesion of the serie. It makes me even more looking forward to the next one.
    You subtle colour choice is beautiful.

  11. The stamping and stitching add texture to your piece and the cutouts look like filigree and gives the piece a demensional yet more transparent feel. Very nice.

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