Caro Higgs – Artist style #6

St James’ Park

Georges Seurat’s pointillism and reflections being my inspiration for my last in the series.

Continuing on from n° 5 with creating dots of colours I found a better stencil for dot making and was bolder about trying to mix the colours. I chose a photograph I had taken in St James’ Park, London some years ago using a stencil of freezer paper to mask certain areas while colouring others and was much happier with the results that I got. The idea of leaving the house the colour of the sheeting I used has made it stand out. I stencilled some more detailed plant life in an attempt to bring it alive.

Working on this series has been really interesting and I have learned a lot through the processes that I have used.

Cotton sheeting and totally machine stitched using very fine thread for the quilting.

  1. This work completes your series perfectly. Studying the various techniques you used has led you to a wonderful result. Lovely work.Bravo!

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    The technique used for the pointillism is very successful and brings a softness to the whole painting. It’s a nice conclusion to your series.

  3. Exquisite, the dots are truly innovative. Love your colour scheme and interpretation of the original design. Bravo

  4. You were very brave to choose Seurat and pointillism and you managed it very well. To me it tell that you are very mature as an artist. This piece is my favorite of your series. Well done!

  5. studiociboulette

    Beautiful work, I specially like the reflection in the water. Great attention to detail. Bravo!

  6. Love the way you worked to transfer the landscape in the picture to the quilt. You managed to get into the atmosphere, create the reflection and touch of the trees. good one.

  7. Your work is so much better than the original picture! You have captured the atmosphere, the reflection in the water, the minimalist but oh so effective rendition of the trees, the beautifully subdued colors. And the novel way of representing Seurat’s pointillism. Really admire this piece!

  8. You really succeeded to catch Seurat’s pointillism. A very difficult and brave choice. The subtle mixed colours of the dots, the reflection and the addition of the plants makes it a wonderful piece. Bravo!

  9. Excellent interpretation of Georges Seurat’s pointillism and reflections. Very difficult and precise techniques and so much patience! Beautiful finale and wonderful addition to your series. Well done!

  10. A beautiful, gentle piece. I particularly like the way you have shown the reflection of the house in the water. The leaves are a lovely finishing touch.

  11. joanbrailsford

    Very successful dots make this a beautiful depiction of the scene. You have added some delicate details to make the picture come alive and the outcome does you credit. Well done

  12. I’m glad you found a stencil for the dots. Beautiful how you mixed the colours. I really love how you created the reflection in the water. Bravo!

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