Els Mommers – Memories – Memories in My Brain

Memories leave marks in your brain. For me they are all hidden in small “boxes “. Sometimes, all of a sudden, because of a word, a view or a smell, they can jump out.

In this quilt the “boxes” are made from cotton that I rusted with old pieces of metal.

The cotton is cut in squares and I made the “brain marks” with all different kind of hand embroidered stitches. The squares I sewed together again. I sprayed gold webbing over it, because sometimes it feels like you have cobwebs in your brain and the memories are hidden behind them.

The small figures are the memories that are in the background and the bigger figures represent the memories that all of a sudden are jumping out.

Puff paste with some gold gilding paste over it represents parts of the brain.

It is hand quilted in the ditch.

There is batting and timtex to make it a bit sturdier and the binding is made from a kind of crumbled velvet because I associated this with the brain as well.


ElsClose up views:






  1. Els, I can relate to the “cobwebs”! What a wonderful interpretation of this theme. With those wee memories leaping about, I will never look at my brain quite the same way again. 🙂

  2. A real piece of art, very well done Els!

  3. I didn’t have time to tell you I like your interpretation !

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