Lin Hsin-Chen – Architecture – Landscape Design

The skill of hand drawn architectural design had been long forgotten. I have been paying my full attention on creating fiber arts, nevertheless architectural design was once my favorite interest. It is interesting to create a quilt with lines and replace pens with needle and thread. I look forward to finding back the lost feeling. I believe I will have many designs based on the technique! It feels like go for a smooth drive in a new car. There are wings on the back that fly me to the sky. Thanks for the enchanting theme.

Materials: hand dyed fabric by the artist, commercial cottons, various sewing threads
Techniques: hand pieced, hand appliquéd, hand quilted, hand embroidered, monoprinting

Lin Hsin-Chen_Landscape Design_full

Close up View:

Lin Hsin-Chen_Landscape Design_detail



  1. carolinehiggs

    Very effective Lin, I love the ‘simplistic’ effect.

  2. joanbrailsford

    A very striking piece with a very peaceful feel. Well done

  3. I like the perspective in this piece…as if the viewer is standing at an attic window, looking out over the rooftops at neighbouring trees. Well done!

  4. Very nice and quiet piece Lin ! I like the perspective too and you are successful in trying new techniques .

  5. Beautiful flowing lines in contrast to the straight vertical and horizontal lines. Well done

  6. English quilter

    A beautiful view of a bridge to remind us that bridges are also architectural elements. The bridge and surrounding landscape have a very calm feel, and the colours are beautiful.

  7. Lin, I especially like the hand stitching; it sets off the other design elements perfectly.


    Straight lines and curls, architecture by human beings and nature, a good combination. Your composition is very effective and your stitching is a beautiful support for the whole, well done.

  9. LIn, a well executed design using very skilful perspective. I love the simplicity and peace of your choice of design.

  10. Like the others I love the simplicity of your design and the perspective. Nice “stamped?” colors in the background. I like the printed pieces of fabric you have been using. I could not find where you used the stencil. Is it the tree?

  11. Very peaceful. I particularly like the trees.

  12. A nice design and good perspective. I love your background fabric! How did you create this? I also wondered what stencil you used.

  13. Love all the trees and the perspective makes you want to walk over the bridge a super piece

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