Paola Zanda – Series #3 – Complementary: from old to new

For the third piece of the series, I’ve chosen as complementary colors the yellow-green and the red-violet that I’ve already used in the abstract quilt.

From the childtime, I was attracted to the old machine but today I work with a new one.

So I decided to change the machine.  I used, as for the abstract, satin cotton fabrics dyed with Procion MX. The background is all pieced with my abstract shapes and the machine is appliqué.  It’s all quilted by machine with transparent thread.

Used material:

satin cotton, Procion MX colors, transparent thread and wadding

Keys words:

complementary colors, abstract, sewing machine, satin cotton, Procion MX






Other pieces in the series:




  1. A beautifully executed design and your quilting is superb.

  2. A lovely end to your series with the modern-day machine. Great use of colours and your quilting is fantastic…

  3. joanbrailsford

    I like the way that you have brought the subject of your series up to date, and this gives a very nice flow to the series. This piece is beautifully designed and stitched, and your dyed fabrics work really well.

  4. I like the change for a modern machine ! For the whole series your work is beautifully executed and designed.

  5. Well executed and composed. Very nice job!

  6. As all the others I too like the way you changed the machine. It is very effective on the abstract background. Love your shapes and colours.

  7. I love the background. So well done how you placed the modern machine on the background, partly disappearing. A great series.

  8. What can I say more, you did a wonderful l job on each piece of your series and this last one completes it perfectly. Love the way you quilted it!

  9. studiociboulette

    I like your machine evolution. Love the colors. Beautiful.

  10. English quilter

    Great rendition of a modern machine. The linear quilting emphasizes the modernity. Your hand dyed fabrics are gorgeous,

  11. I like the way you incorporated the sewing machine of your childhood and your modern day sewing machine. A beautiful end to your series.

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