Maryte Collard – Artist style #1

Moonlight on the Atlantic Ocean.

It all started long ago, in 1981, when I stood mesmerized in front of the Arkhip Kuindhzi’s painting Moonlit Night on the Dnieper, 1880, in the Museum of Russian art in then Leningrad (St. Petersburg, Russia now).

Many years later I had a de javu moment standing on the Atlantic Ocean shore on Florida Keys. I stood mesmerized again by the moonlight over ocean. Then I ran inside our hotel to get my camera but when I returned to the shore, there was a cloud over the moon. So I took a mental picture, and will keep it my heart forever. It was Valentine’s Day, my late husband’s birthday.

When choosing the artist, my first thought was about Ciurlionis, that I already made Scherzo quilt in his style. Then I jumped to Kandinsky but it didn’t stick with me. Finally I decided to work in Arkhip Kuindzhi style. Arkhip Kuindhzi was a Russian painter, and his style was realism. No matter what he painted, every painting had the mesmerizing glow. I know it won’t be easy for me to achieve that, but I am determined to try. I am not going to copy his paintings, just to try achieving the play of light and shadows, and the glow.

For the background of my quilt I used two different commercial fabrics in black scale. For the clouds and moonlight reflection on the water I used my own hand dyed fabrics, specially dyed for this purpose. I kept in mind that the clouds and water reflect the light differently.

The fused applique is done using Wonder Under. Machine quilted using metallic thread from Superior Threads for the glow.

Detail views:

Moonlit Night on the Dnieper, Arkhip Kuindzhi, 1880
  1. I love this interpretation, the way that you have used the fabrics and threads to get the reflections is magical. Lovely work.

  2. Superb, what a wonderful quilt so vibrant. Beautiful quilting design. bravo

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    This piece is just incredible ! the atmosphere is so well translated ! and as always your workmanship is perfect ! like Kaylene I like your quilting design !

  4. Excellent interpretation of Kuindzhi work. Reproducing the night light and the various reflections is not easy. You did it very well. Great start for your series.

  5. This quilt has such a high wow factor! What a wonderful rendition of the moon shining its light over the water. Very skillfully executed. I especially like the way you achieved the light around the moon. Well done! Very nice to get to know an artist I did not know.

  6. What a beautiful piece of work! I love it. I had not heard of your artist but I have researched him and think many of his paintings are wonderful. You have certainly captured his “glow” here and I look forward to seeing the rest of your series.

  7. Thank you so much for introducing a wonderful painter, that I hadn’t heard of. You definitely succeeded in reproducing the glow. It is an awesome piece. It looks so simple, but is very effective. Your quilting, especially around the moon, is superb. I am looking forward to see more of the glow in the rest of your series.

  8. I do not know the artist but definitely love your work from the inspiration you got from it. Exciting and excellent execution

  9. Wow, what a beautiful and thoughtful piece. I do not know your chosen artist, but I can see from your description that you have adopted his ‘realistic’ style, beacuse your quilt is almots photographic. Wonderful design and superb quilting. I love this

  10. I love how you have interpreted this artwork. It seems quite realistic, almost like you are standing on the shore and viewing the moon. Nice job.

  11. How you did the glow is just perfect. I also love the reflection in the water. Awesome!

  12. What a mesmerizing piece! Beautiful stitching in the sky and water creating a serene moonlit glow. Well done Maryte!

  13. New to me artist and you really stirred my interest in his works. Great job!

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