Sonia Ruiz – Country – Emblems

Country – Emblems/Icons/Motifs

Inspiration:  The colors of the flag of my chosen country in traditional indigenous handwoven fabrics

The country I have chosen represents my parents homeland, the place of their births and my culture.  A place filled with wonderful memories, beautiful colors, amazing music and wonderful celebrations.

I have created an abstract flag of Mexico (green/white/red) with traditional hand woven fabrics. The white is a commercial printed copy of the Otomi embroidery textile. Otomi embroidery became popular in the 1960s, when a severe drought forced farmers to find new sources of income. The Otomi people live in the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains in the central state of Hidalgo. Legend has it that the prints’ figures, birds, and animals were inspired by nearby cave drawings.  I embroidered the center images to represent the eagle, cactus and snake emblem in the flag in cotton thread, I then free motion quilted it and bound it with organza ribbon.

Detail views:


  1. So vivid and very Mexican emblem, it captures the spirit of the country perfectly. Very well done!

  2. It had to be yours and Mexico! I love the way that you have used and enhanced the traditional fabrics to create the flag. I love it!

  3. Your works are always accompanied by interesting explanations and let us know your country’s history and culture. You have found an original and beautiful idea of transforming the flag using traditional fabrics and completed with your embroidery. Well done!

  4. When I had’t seen your name I first guessed it was Guatamala. But of course it was Mexico. The country where your heart is and that you love so much. Sosmart to use the traditional woven fabric for the sides of the flag and the embroidered print for the middle. Love your hand embroidery on it. This series can be a continuation of your Mexico quilts of last year, Looking forward to see more.

  5. What a lovely and colorful piece and not for me to guess the country! Yes, I also love that you, as many others, used original fabrics and craft techniques related to the country. As always, loved your story, keep telling and showing us more.

  6. I did not guess, but should have, it is a beautiful quilt using symbols and fabric from your country. Beautiful embroidery. well done.

  7. Such a clever idea to use traditional fabrics to create the Mexican flag. Lovely embroidery. Well done, Sonia!

  8. I like the use of traditional fabric for the composition of your quilt and suggest the Mexican flag ! Beautiful embroideries.

  9. Lovely way of presenting the national flag of Mexico. Especially love the traditional weavings. Your embroidered center piece is awesome and so iconic. Eager to see what will come next!

  10. I love the way that you have created this abstract version of the flag. The colours and fabrics you have used are absolutely beautiful and so vibrant and lively. Your stitching highlights the designs in the central panel and is beautifully worked. Well done

  11. What a very colourful piece. I love the use of traditional fabrics to construct the flag. Your embroidered flowers fascinate me – I wish I could see the actual work and not just a picture.

  12. Beautiful embroidery from a country I love to visit. I didn’t know the name of the embroidery – Otomi – but I have seen much of it both here in southern California as well as in our travels. Your work is beautifully done and quite ambitious. Mexico has many treaswures waqiting to be revealed!

  13. studiociboulette

    Of course it had to be yours, so beautiful and vibrant. Viva Mexico!

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