Chantal Guillermet – Rhythm-Season Weather

Nature is one of my favourite theme of inspiration, that is why I’ve chosen the four seasons to illustrate Rhythm. Our lives are organized around the seasons, in our gardens we keep a rhythm of work according to the seasons and their weather conditions.

Material :

Handdyed and commercial fabrics, metallic quilting thread, metallic fabric paint.

Discharge paste and bleach.

Thermofax screen.

Techniques :

The quilt is entirely machine pieced and free motion quilted. The four sections represent the four seasons, they are irregular, wider for fall and winter, because in my area they are the longer seasons. There is a flap between each section to protect the different atmospheres, and also it is  like reading a book , you progress in the story when turning the pages. I like how it adds a 3 dimensional effect. The trees are printed from a thermofax screen bought to Ineke Berlyn in Birmingham; they are quilted with metallic threads : gold for spring and summer, copper for fall and silver for winter. In the winter section I have used bleach  and lace to create the orange colour fabric with flowers. The tree is discharged with discharge paste.


Close up:


  1. Chantal this is a beautiful quilt. Your choice of colours and fabrics for the different seasons and your explanation under techniques gives the viewer a really good understanding of the piece.Congratulations . Paulette

  2. Chantal, This is so subtle but I fear the true beauty of this quilt is lost in this medium. I want to be able to touch it!

  3. Chantal, I just love this quilt it is so subtle the way the seasons change. The fabrics are beautiful. Diana

  4. I love the use of the flaps to illustrate seasonal transition. Beautiful!

  5. I have to agree with everyone, this is a beautiful quilt and the flaps are very innovative. A beautiful credit to your work. Cheers

  6. Chantal Guillermet

    Thank you everyone for your warm compliments !

  7. This is fantastic ,the illusion and all the going on’s , the eye just does not want to stop ,there is so much happening in this little quilt .Very very interesting .

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