Joan Brailsford – Series #2 – Seed Heads -Poppy

My design for this piece is, of course, based on poppy seed heads, with the addition of cow parsley seed heads. I wanted the main design to contain a fairly solid central motif, in contrast to the more ‘flimsy’ seed heads of my first piece. However I did not want the whole design to feel clumsy, so the more ethereal seed heads of cow parsley were included to fill and complete the design.

I created string stamp blocks for both the poppy and cow parsley seed heads, and used acrylic paint to print with these on a variegated hand dyed fabric. I added a layer of fine blue chiffon at the top of the piece which is barely noticeable, but which gives the depth of colour that I wanted to achieve. I then added more acrylic paint using the edge of a credit card to give straight lines for grasses and vegetation at the bottom of the piece. I used hand dyed silk for the main poppy heads which were appliqued using machine stitching. The remainder of the quilt was hand stitched – this includes stitching over some of the block-printed shapes, detailing on the poppy heads, additional grass and vegetation details. The additional vegetation included a few sweet cicely heads (which is one an aspect that I wanted to include in each piece throughout the series), in a less prominent position than previously. Finally I added a few beads to complete the poppy heads.


Close up views:


Quilt Series – Seed Heads


Quilt 1                                Quilt 2

  1. carolinehiggs

    I love it! I like the way that you have achieved the same effect as the first piece with totally different plants. Lovely use of colour.

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    Beautiful piece Joan, in the continuity of the first one ! I like the colours you chose, unusual for poppy seeds but they give a special atmosphere to your piece.

  3. Joan I love the poppy heads and maybe one day I will do a quilt myself, the colours and shading on the background are a delight, great work to compliment your first quilt.

  4. Oh my! This one takes my breath away! Simply lovely! The echoing of the poppy motif and the subtlety of the cow parsley impressions are just perfect.

  5. A lovely piece, the stamping and stitching in the background is really good subtle so that you really see the poppies but it adds a lovely depth

  6. This is a lovely piece to continue your theme. The colours are beautiful and, although unusual for poppies, really enhance the design. I like the subtle stitching in the background too.

  7. Joan I love this piece. What a beautiful complement to your first quilt. A very good idea to make string stamps for printing. The colors of your silk poppy heads are so lovely and the back ground quilting of the flowers is wonderful.

  8. Johan, this piece is also wonderful. It has the same atmosphere as your first one. Lovely colours and hand quilting.

  9. Another beautiful quilt. – I love the poppies and their wonderful colours and the patterns of the seed heads in the background. Well planned

  10. Loved the way you created depth and movement by echoing the poppies and cow parsley seed heads with the stamping and stitching in the background. A lovely piece Joan.

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