Helen Hazon – Squares

Blue squares

There is no meaning behind this design other than I liked the idea of linking lots of squares together. The sizes of the squares relate to the numbers in the Fibonacci series and all the quilting lines form squares or parts of squares. The quilting is a mixture of hand and machine.

The background fabric is linen, all other fabrics and threads are cotton.


  1. I really like how you recreated the theme not just with fabric but with embroidery and hand quilting. It’s clean, crisp and cheerful!

  2. studiociboulette

    Beautiful….all squares, very well thought out.

  3. Very effective. I like the mix for fabric squares and the square shapes for embroidery.

  4. Helen, I knew imediatly it was yours. So glad you are back! The combination of hand and machine quilting is perfect. Lovely design. It’s just like a modern quilt and I love that!

  5. Lovely to see your work again. This is so striking and I love the mix of fabrics and different stitches.

  6. Welcome back! Good composition equilibrated and good choice of fabrics, colors, and stitch.

  7. So nice to have you and your beautiful work back. I just LOVE your squares. Design, colour and stitching are all perfect. Bravo.

  8. Lovely abstract design and well planned.

  9. English quilter

    A beautifully constructed piece. I recognized it as your work as soon as I saw it. The linen adds interest and texture and your stitching is wonderful.

  10. Love your work, the colour combination, the hand and machine quilting and the repeating design in it.

  11. A very modern looking quilt which has been beautifully and expertly worked. Really nicde to have you back. Well done.

  12. Nice perspective and weaving. Pretty piece!

  13. Love all the linking squares, well thought out design and stitching. A modern and beautiful piece. Well done!

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