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The last one in my Underwater series is an Angelfish.

Marine angelfish are perciform fish of the family Pomacanthidae. They are found on shallow reefs in the tropical Atlantic, Indian, and mostly western Pacific Oceans. The family contains seven genera and about 86 species. They should not be confused with the freshwater angelfish, tropical cichlids of the Amazon Basin. Wikipedia

The fish is painted with acrylic paint, fused and raw edge appliqued on a blue handpainted background.

One of my goals for this series was to find different ways to depict coral. This time I painted lutrador and stencilled three different corals on it: elkhorn, brain and seafan. The lutrador was then burned with the soldering iron. Some more seafan was stencilled on a blue background , cut out and edges burned with a lighter to get a black outline. To get a third layer I stencilled the same coral straight on the background. 

I painted some small sponges, added some painted Tyvek , lutrador and empty silk cocoons.  The sea is covered, as in all my other pieces, with blue organza en some shimmering open woven sheer fabric.

As in previous pieces the machine quilting is in a bubble-motif and painted tree bark pieces are added for plants. 

Pictures of the whole process can be seen on my blog: http://kunamolablogspot.com



Detail views:


Full series:

  1. Els this a wonderful sixth piece and as usual you have paid so much attention to detail with all the various techniques you use. A really harmonious series, well done!

  2. What a splendid series you’ve got! Love the last piece and the whole set.

  3. With each of your pieces we discover the seabeds ! colours, study of the different shapes and workmanship : all is perfect !!! bravo Els !

  4. A beautiful interpretation and attention to detail, a wonderful series Bravo

  5. This is a wonderful quilt and I am always amazed to learn how many different techniques and materials you use. The use of tree bark is outstanding. This quilt complements a most beautiful and harmonious series.

  6. What a wonderful underwater world you have created! I would love to dive into it and swim with your creatures.

  7. Els, again an amazing quilt. I love the different techniques and details. Your whole series is so wonderful and harmonious.

  8. This is such a stunning series, I love all your different techniques. Lutradur can be so versatile and you have used it is a most creative manner.

  9. Another beautiful colourful piece and a fitiing end to your series. I love the way that you have constructed the coral and the care you have used in choosing the techniques, they worked perfectly.

  10. Such a colourful series, really showing the beauty of the undersea world. As always, your many techniques are impressive and effective.

  11. I’m always amazed with all the creative techniques you use in your art quilts, this one is no exception! Your series is an amazing, beautiful and colorful underwater world. Love this!

  12. Again a beautiful piece Els, and the different ways you made the coal throughout your series is amazing. I once was in Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, where you can walk between and under the water of a huge saltwater aquarium. Your series make me think of that!

  13. The underwater world is so fascinating. You managed, with your series, to bring home these extraordinary sea beds and their colourful inhabitants. The attention to detail is impressive as is the use of so many techniques. I like the whole series, it’s like having a wonderful aquarium at home. Chapeau!

  14. studiociboulette

    I love your underwater world, you show it with beautiful vibrance. Your attention to detail is exquisite. The series makes me dream about your island. Bravo.

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