Helen Hazon – Artist style #4

Inspiration – the landscape paintings of David Hockney and the scenery of the Applecross peninsula in NW Scotland.

Again I have chosen a photograph of a very recognisable row of trees on the Applecross Estate, very close to the two cottages that my family regularly use for holidays. The trees are huge and beautiful. They frequently shelter animals such as horses and red deer – as well as unfortunate visitors caught in the rain.

The man in the picture is my husband, John, admiring the trees while out for a walk one morning.

The quilt is made from cotton fabrics. I used rayon threads for the embroidery and painted Evolon for the appliqued leaves and John’s figure.

  1. Wonderful interpretation of a lovely, serene moment of your husband in a beautiful wooded area in Hockney style. Great choice of colors and lovely detailed stitching. Bravo!

  2. I saw David Hockney’s “Arrival of Spring in Nordgate” on internet and this is definitely in his style. Beautiful interpretation. The small size of the figure of your husband compared to the trees shows how tall they are. Love the stitching of the bushes behind the trees and the moss on the very nice quilted path.

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    The use of complementary colours and the apparent simplicity of the lines give this piece his strengh and elegance ! Beautiful !

  4. Great interpretation and it makes the trees really grand with the added figure of John. Love the simplicity, colours and stitching. bravo

  5. Striking choice of colors! By adding your husband we get to understand how tall the trees are. Beautiful path, moss, greenery behind the trees and great stitching. Just lovely.

  6. It’s very nice to do work based on places you know and can tell the story. perfect.The choice of color and the beautiful stitching.

  7. I love the stylized interpretation of the photo. Colors and quilting are great as usual.

  8. I really like the way you have used Hockney’s style and colours to depict the avenue of trees. You’ve done a great job, well done

  9. Maryte Collard

    What a wonderful transformation of your photo to a Hockney style landscape. I am really impressed with this one, bravo!

  10. a grand interpretation, good use of color and perspective.

  11. studiociboulette

    What a beautiful quilt. Love your interpretation of the photo. Bravo!

  12. I love this piece the simple lines and texture of the stitching give it a real ‘Hockney’ look. The choice of colours are just right and the figure of John loitering brings it alive.

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