Els Mommers – Series #3 – Complementary


The challenge for the third quilt in this series was to use the same subject but in complementary colours and we had to use one of the colours that we worked with in the abstract piece.

My background in the abstract piece was purple and to have even more contrast in the series, I choose bright yellow for the background wall in this piece.

I was not satisfied with the first background I made because it was not bright enough, so I decided to start over and used two colors yellow tissue paper that I wrinkled and glued to a bright yellow cotton.
This fabric paper was then stencilled with purple acrylic paint and a woodgrain stencil.
I made a new lock design and cut the lock and the hinge out of dark purple hand dyed fabric. On top of it I ironed gold painted wonder-under and to fuse it to the background I also used wonder-under.

For the background of the keyhole I painted tyvek with dark purple and gold acrylic paint and shrunk it by ironing. The keyhole itself is yellow cotton fused and sewed on top of it.

On the lock I thread painted the brand name: My-Lock and the keyhole in yellow , as I did with the outlines. Shade is thread painted in dark purple. The outline of the hinge is painted with a black fabric marker.
I fused a little piece of dark pink on the lock to spice it up a little and made some pink shadow with an inktense pencil.

The whole piece is quilted with purple thread in the wood grain pattern and finished off with a facing.
The bolts in the lock and the keyhole background are metal yellow rivets that go through the fabric.

Material: cotton fabric, hand dyed fabric, batting 80/20, tissuepaper, , tyvek, painted and plain wonder-under, cotton and polyester thread, metal rivets.





Other pieces in the series:


  1. Beautiful work and techniques, your series is well founded. Cheers

  2. English quilter

    A great creative finish to the series. The wood grain background enhanced with wood grain quilting is extremely effective. The touch of oink on the lock works well.

  3. I am always amazed at the amount of different techniques you work with! A great end to a very successful series, so you!

  4. A very successful series ! and so many techniques ! this one is my favourite.

  5. joanbrailsford

    You have used some interesting materials and techniques that really give this piece depth and detail that I love. This has been a very nice series that I have enjoyed a great deal

  6. Cool depth. The wood grain from your stitching is great. Nice one!

  7. A wonderful, as usual, work that complete perfectly your series. Interesting technique!

  8. As always I’m impressed by the work you made and the way you write about it. All the different techniques and materials you use, to come to a beautiful result. The combination of the colours is very nice and so is your series.

  9. Although you struggled a lot with your background you can be satisfied with the result. As usual I’m impressed by all the different materials you used. A great series.

  10. studiociboulette

    The wooden background is very effective. Really enjoyed your locks!

  11. Love all the very interesting and creative techniques you used on your artworks. You created a beautiful and well thought out series. Well done.

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