Sonia Ruiz – Series #4 – Homage to Frida Kahlo

While I was thinking about my 4th quilt in my “Sacred Heart” series, I remembered that July was an important month for one of Mexico’s most famous artist, Frida Kahlo.  She was born on July  6, 1907 and passed away on July 13, 1954.  I wanted to pay homage to Frida by incorporating some of her famous traits somehow with my theme.  That was my challenge.  I used traditional Mexican woven fabrics that I had previously made sofa pillows with, so the use of scraps continue.  I layered the colorful fabrics and machine quilted simple lines to the background.  I added cotton lace and frayed the black woven fabric underneath it to make it fringy and add more texture.  I wanted lots of color and texture.   I appliquéd a raw edge faux trapunto heart for her face, I did the same with the hair.  I appliquéd and then added black eyelash yarn representing the thorns and also her eyebrows.  I rolled and twisted raw edge woven fabric for the primitive flowers and then added green eyelash yarn for the leaves which also represent the flames.  I then embellished a little bit and made her some special earrings.  The flowers, yarns,  beads, buttons and cross were all hand sewn.  I experimented with different fabrics, colors and techniques for the flowers, but I really liked the way the primitive flowers added more texture and giving it all a whimsical look.


Close up View:




Quilt in Series:




  1. Sonia, a beautiful colourful tribute to Frida Kahlo, it is very clever how you have retained the heart shape and incorporated the features of Frida. Bravo

  2. Perfect, I love the way that you have captured the essence of Frida while sticking to the hearts. Great use of fabric.

  3. Very clever use of the heart shape ! the use of bright colours are in harmony with Frida’s strong personality. Bravo !

  4. What a great find to transform Frida Kahlo’s personality into a heart shape. Wonderful use of traditional Mexican fabrics.

  5. So colourful! Love the heart shape as a face and the use of traditional fabric in the background.

  6. This is a great homage to Frida Kahlo. Good use of the heart shape. I like the use of Mexican fabrics and how you made the flowers.

  7. What a lovely way to use your heart motif as part of a portrait. I like the way you have manipulated your various fabrics, to give the details in the piece. A very nice tribute to Frida

  8. Sonia, as soon as I looked at the group quilts together I recognised your quilt and Freida. Great design, fabrics and use of colour.

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