Genevieve Guadalupe – Photoshoot


For this subject Fotoshoot I wanted to give the effect of fotos, or slides. I was inspired by the Corean technique of Pojagi which seen through the light gives the effect of fotos. When doing a shoot, I usually take many fotos of the same subject in different format, composition, light, angle and size. By using the dark fabric, I created  a negative of the subject.

Materials and technique: Pojagi piecing, woodblock print with black and white ink, cotton fabric.

genevieve guadalupeLepidopterology

Detail view:

genevieve guadalupe lepidopterology2

  1. Great idea behind the theme. It really looks like a collection of photos!

  2. Very nice black and white composition, like during the early photography.

  3. It is different but very interesting. Very engaging also, I kept running my eyes from one piece to another. Looks like a lot of movement in your piece.

  4. A great selection of ‘slides’, I like the way that you mixed the fabrics while changing the direction and angle of the moth.

  5. joanbrailsford

    Your use of black and white and the subject you have used reminds me of old botanical slides or photos and is a wonderful effect. This has a very peaceful feel and is a beautiful design.

  6. A lovely black and white design. I like your use of different white fabrics which adds an extra layer of interest. Beautiful and gentle.

  7. Sorting out photos and negatives, and recognizable to take lots of photos from one subject. The pojagi technique that you used is particularly suitable for the theme, and so the black and white colors, well done!

  8. Lovely movement and contrast. It definitely reminds me of old slides and I really like your interpretation with adding some black pieces in between.

  9. A beautiful interpretation of the theme, especially the use of the darker fabric to depict the slide. I have always been fascinated by Pojagi so I admire your attention to detail in the piecing.

  10. Lovely use of color, great compostion. I am not familiar with Pojagi so will need to do some research. It also reminds me of drawers of botanical sldes.

  11. It is different but a very interesting interpretation. I will have to look up Pojagi piecing now that you have introduced it.

  12. Excellent interpretation and realization of the theme.
    The choice of shades of white combined with black and your graphic skill give an amazing composition. I love it.

  13. This is very you Genevieve. Love the idea, composition and techniques. Well done!

  14. I love the use of all the different fabrics. Great idea to keep it in black and white.

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