Helen Hazon – Photoshoot

Indian skies

Inspiration: Two images combined to recreate a perfect evening

This was a memorable evening during our first visit to India – sampling local wines at the film location of the first Marigold Hotel outside Udaipur. The sunset was glorious and is a perfect backdrop for the silhouetted building. I have combined the sunset colours from one photo with the building from another as it was impossible to photograph them both together at the time.

I have used raw-edge applique with machine quilting and decorative stitching. The braid used for the “frame” was purchased in a Jaipur market day after I took these photos. All fabrics are cotton and the threads are cotton and rayon with some metallic.

Two images combined to recreate a perfect evening. All cotton and all machine stitched.


Detail view:



  1. Helen, this quilt is very vibrant with the use of colour and silhouettes, something to remember about your trip.

  2. Love the deep colours and atmosphere in this one!

  3. I love the deep colours of the sky contrasting with the dark silhouette of the buildings. A good idea to combine two images together.

  4. Your Photoshoot creates memory of a special place, especially with the detail(frame) added that came from that place. Very nice!

  5. A great use of photos/memories and the colours are stunning. a really lovely take on the subject.

  6. joanbrailsford

    Wonderful vibrant colours that surely reflect the memories of your trip, and make for a very interesting piece. The silhouette of the building is a lovely contrast, and the use of the braid is a great idea to bring the remembrance of the trip into the work

  7. Clever to use two different photos and put them together to create your beautiful sunset! Love the colors and the contrast, nice memory for you I guess…

  8. Very nice contrast and beautiful colours. Such a wonderful reminder of your trip. I love how you have interpreted the theme.

  9. studiociboulette

    I love how you blended photos to make one picture. It is beautiful!

  10. The silhouette at sunset is is always a favorite of mine and you have created a near masterpeice. The framing is the perfect touch.

  11. I can see your photoshoot of the sunset. Nice touch and nice memory quilt of your trip.

  12. The combination of the two photos is an interesting idea. Fabulous colours and contrasts. I like the silhouette of the building.

  13. The black silhouette against the colorful background is great. I love the use of the souvenir. You always need to buy something, isn’t it?

  14. Loved how you stitched several moments of your trip together to create your design composition. Great combination showcasing a perfect evening!

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