Chantal Guillermet – The Age of Discovery

I’ve chosen to illustrate the word “connections” from an historical point of view. During “The age of discovery” a strong will of expansion lead our forefathers to have connections with distant civilizations. The image of the boat arriving in a new world illustrates this connection.

Material :

Hand dyed fabric, hand dyed embroidery thread, felted wool, beads, acrylic paints, fusible web

Techniques :

Using the picture of a landscape, I’ve drawn the main lines on the back of a piece of fusible web. Painted with acrylic paint to give the idea of a virgin land, the landscape is cut out from the fusible web and ironed from the back on my fabric.

The quilt is free motion quilted, and embellished with felted wool, beads and embroideries to give texture. I’ve chosen to face it to have a larger view and avoid the cut of the binding. The boat is appliquéd.


Close up View:


  1. Chantal, well done the embellishments that you have incorporated into the quilt remind me of the ocean. Well done, love the choice of colours. Cheers

  2. Beautiful Chantal. I love the design and the colors.

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