Maryte Collard – Photoshoot


My face, emerging from a log cabin quilt made from indigo dyed fabrics shows not only how I look like, but also tells the story of my life.

Like in a real photoshoot, I made two versions of Selfie. I decided to go with this one. Unlike the other one, this not only shows my face but the background tells a story of my life. I dye my own fabrics and I make quilts. Irregular log cabin block is one of my favorites and I use it a lot if my quilts.

I used 5 shades of my own indigo dyed fabrics. Face was fused using Soft Fuse.


Detail view:






  1. This is an amazing use of your indigo fabrics and your portrait is amazing.

  2. Beautiful selfie, Maryte! Love the detailed work and the meaning of the background.

  3. The choice of using only indigo fabrics with their shades of blue makes this portrait stunning.

  4. I love it. The idea of using the photo and your log cabin together has worked so well and the palette of blues works really well.

  5. joanbrailsford

    I love indigo dyed fabric and your use of it in the log cabin background. Your portrait, and the stitching you have used to make it, is beautiful. A really well worked piece

  6. The shades of indigo work beautifully in the log cabin blocks and your portrait is excellent. Well done.

  7. What a nice portrait and how cute you used the log cabin in the background. Perfectly created with your indigo colors and very nice stitching!

  8. What an awesome combination of your log cabin blocks with your beautiful self portrait. I love the indigo colour. Bravo.

  9. studiociboulette

    Log cabin is my favorite pattern and I use it a lot as well. I love how you used it in this quilt to insinuate who you are, not only with the picture but with the patchwork and quilting. Beautiful work in Indigo. I love it!

  10. Your monchromatic color pallete is beautiful and made even more meaningful because you created the fabrics. The realism is your face is stunning and the quilting greatly enhances your oiece.

  11. Very realistic and capturing. I like the use of indigo and the background work. Overall a very nice work.

  12. Beautiful and similar portrait. The use of indigo shades and the log cabin create a perfect result in tune with your life and your work.

  13. I love how you combined only “one” fabric and two techniques. A beautiful selfie in both ways.

  14. Wonderful combination of techniques. The irregular log cabin block beautifully frames your selfie portrait. Love the whole meaning of it!

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