Bozena Wojtaszek – Country – Artist

For this theme my choice was easy – Paul Cezanne, French painter, master of colour and author of many beautiful still lives with tasteful food.

The challenge was how to translate his brush strokes into fabric. And it was really challenging because I’m very hard in copying. But it was a great opportunity to go deep into his paintings to analyze and understand his ideas and solutions.

This time I went for raw edges applique (mostly) to get this painterly look.

Detail views:

  1. I think you did a great job with your design and quilting. I don’t think I would have tackled his work, well done.

  2. carolinehiggs

    I love the way that you chose an artist with a subject matter that suits your style of work. Great choice of fabrics and I really like the way that you have created and built up texture to create a vibrant still life. Great work!

  3. A great way to include your love of food/kitchen with a still life using the vibrant layering of fabrics and colors along with the dimensional folds in the tablecloth creating depth. Wonderful interpretation.

  4. quilterpaola

    You put yourself in a difficult task with the choice of this great master of painting. You did it perfectly, and you were also able to insert your passion for cooking and food. Magnificent realization and interpretation.Bravo!

  5. You did a great job ! Cezanne is not an easy task ! the choice of raw edge appliqué is a good one and gives just enough 3D effects to your piece.

  6. A good hommage to Chezanne. You kept it yours by using the food/kitchen subject.

  7. The idea and execution are very beautiful, and also the choice of color/

  8. Well done on linking kitchens and food to your artist. I like the way you have built up your fruits and the stitching detail around the plate.

  9. Maryte Collard

    Your still lifeis almost dimentional and inviting to the table. Love the colors. Well done!

  10. I think you did a great job of interpreting the brushwork of Cezanne. The raw edges used in the construction of the pears is visually exciting – I keep going back to examine each part more extensively. Very nice work!

  11. That is a mouthwatering piece of camembert! So life like. Hats off to you for tackling Cezanne. Beautiful background and lovely tablecloth. Lovely pears too!

  12. joanbrailsford

    Such an interesting way to depict the artist and his brush sttrokes. I love the way that you have manipulated the fabric to build up the textutes of the painting, and the col,ours are so rich. Well done

  13. What a beautiful reproduction of one of Cezannes paintings. I find it incredible how you can always make a contribution to this challenges in your own style. Colors and stitching are fabulous.

  14. studiociboulette

    Beautiful interpretation of Cezanne’s work. Love your choice of colours and combination of fabrics to simulate the brush strokes. Beautiful. Bravo

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