Helen Hazon – Artist style #3

Inspiration – the landscape paintings of David Hockney and the scenery of the Applecross peninsula in NW Scotland.

For the third quilt in this series I have moved away from the daytime palette and have chosen a sunset.

Applecross village faces West so we often see beautiful sunsets with the mountains of Skye in silhouette.

The photo that I chose was taken by one of my nephews during a family holiday.

I have kept the quilting very simple because the subject is so dramatic.

All fabrics are cotton and stitching is in metallic and cotton.



  1. Love it how you play with this dramatic landscape in Hockney’s manner, well done!

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    Such a neat composition ! I like the sobriety of the lines and the subtles colours.

  3. carolinehiggs

    Lovely, you have really captured the aura of this dramatic landscape. Great choice of colours and incredibly neat stitching as per usual, well done!

  4. Bella Kaplan

    Simple and pretty. The use of colors is wonderful as well as the stitching you did. love it.

  5. studiociboulette

    Great landscape. The rays are very effective. Beautiful!

  6. Maryte Collard

    Helen, the photo itself is amazing. Your quilt looks very simple, but really you don’t need anything else added to it. Well done!

  7. You created a beautiful and dramatic scene just like the photograph. Looks so simple but is very effective.I so admire your stitching! Lovely.

  8. The fabrics you’ve chosen are just perfect for this piece. Great!!

  9. A serene depiction, the thread for the sunrays is perfect. Bravo

  10. You have created a great piece with this simple composition by using a wonderfully dramatic color pallette.

  11. Beautiful colors and composition. Looking at it you immediately get a serene feeling. Well done.

  12. joanbrailsford

    Beautiful depiction of a beautiful scene. I love the muted sunset colours and the way that you have used the couching to represent the sun’s rays. Well done

  13. A wonderful landscape with bold, colorful images, clearly in Hockney’s style. Love your precise stitching and the ray details. Lovely!

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