Helen Hazon – Blooming

Golden blossoms

I have always loved flowers so the main theme for this design was clear to me from the start. Colour choice came next and I decided to use only 2 complementary colours – blue for the background and yellow/orange for the flowers. I wanted the colours to shade from dark to light across the quilt and to include hand embroidery for detail.

The background is a design called “blooming nine-patch” which seemed an ideal choice for this theme. The flowers are raw edge applique in cotton batik.

Close up views:



  1. A beautiful visual and chromatic result. Well balanced and made with precision. Bravo.

  2. Love your colour choice – the flowers are singing on the blue background!

  3. Well made and impressive. Love the hand stitching.

  4. I love it how the colors fade away. As usual your stitching is perfect.

  5. Wonderful use of color, great composition! The embroidered details are beautifully done and add a pop of visual interest.

  6. Very good choice of colours and beautiful details with hand stitching.

  7. Great use of colour and fabrics, like the idea of the blooming 9 patch. greta attention to detail as always, lovely.

  8. A very effective use of the complementary colours, and always the stitching is beautifully done. I like the details on the flowers. Well done

  9. Nice work. Pretty embroidery. Very lovely piece.

  10. Love your blooming background idea, the fading of the colours and your flowers. Lovely hand-stitching, great interpretating of the theme!

  11. Love your use of the complementary colours and how you, not only in the background, but in the flowers as, well go from dark to light. The embroidery on the flowers is lovely as always.

  12. Well thought out design and colors. Lovely impecable work. Well done!

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