Greetje Hein – Series#5 – Pansy #5

This fifth piece of my series is done with a technique I learned at a two days class with Katie Pasquini Masopust.

She does two ways of applique; with cardboard or with fusible web. I did this piece with fusible web.

In the design is a certain shape, between two lines or some other shape like I did with a circle. In the circle the lines continue, but the color changes.

The quilting is done in threadpainting with rayon.

I really enjoyed making this series. My goal was to use several techniques I learned from other quilters at classes I did in the past. My color scheme was blue/purple for the pansies and green for the background and leaves.


pansy 5


Close up view

pansy 5 close up







Quilts in Series – Techniques


     pansy 5


  1. I love this final piece, the coloured circle is a great addition and ties back to the colours in original one. This was a great subject choice and you have produced a wonderful series. There is always such attention to detail, lovely!

  2. Your theme choice was not an easy one because you had to work with only one type of flower. But your series is a success ! I really like this last one and the way you have introduced Katie Pasquini Masopust technique is interesting.

  3. I really love your series Greetje, and this last piece is a beautiful way to end. Great idea to use the same color combination and the same subject to realize your series, and the way you used the techniques you learned over the years. A tribute to your teachers and big compliments for the student, you did a wonderful job. Love both the details and the stitching you showed.

  4. I have to agree with all the comment, and the addition of the circle was ingenious it add so much interest. Bravo on your series.

  5. Lovely collection! I really like the flow of your series. Coming in at the end I have looked at the entire series of works more than on each individual piece. Your series is a real cohesive group of works. Bravo!

  6. Same here! I agree with all the comment above. What a stunning series, Greetje! You give new life and charm to these Pansy flowers.

  7. What a lovely way to finish a beautiful series. the circle reminds me of a raindrop, and the way that would change the colours beneath it. As always your thread painting is very effective and gives a depth of detail to the piece. I have really enjoyed this series

  8. I love this last piece. You have made the pansy look so lifelike. The colors and patterns work perfectly together. And the whole series is really unified especially when displayed together as on this page.

  9. This is another wonderful pansy Greetje and since I saw it “in reall” I know it is even more beautiful as shown in the photograph. I love how all your colors come together and especcialy that the circle of your third quilt quilt comes back in your last one.

  10. Nice! I also agree with all the above comments. Loved the way you incorporated all the techniques you’ve learned over the years and how your series flows together. It has come full circle.

  11. I love all of your pansies, the series is beautiful. I like the effect you’ve created with the circle in this last piece – a technique I must try sometime.

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