Paulette Meldrum – Motion – Flying high

The inspiration for this quilt came from hearing a suggestion from a father to his young son, on a sunny, breezy day on Waikanae Beach. The suggestion was that they go back to the beach house to get the kite his son was given for Christmas.

The kites were drawn to an appropriate size and then the various fabrics were selected to add colour and movement. The background is a commercial fabric, a great find in my stash. The kites were constructed from hand dyed and commercial fabrics.  I also looked in my stash for fun fabrics and found two Laurel Burch fabrics that had been in my collection for many years. The snake bodies on one fabric created fun kites.    The giraffe fabric is not obvious but the spotty body fabric of the giraffe is on the fish  and tail. It is also on top green kite and I have used the legs as part of the coloured centre on this kite.

Process:  freezer paper was used for the pattern and a fusible web was used  to adhere the kites to the background.   Machine quilted.  The quilt was finished with a facing.


Close up view:


  1. isn’t great when inspiration comes from a chance overheard conversation, I love the motion from the different sizes and placement of kites. Well done

  2. I like the diversity of shapes and the movement you gave them. Nice background.

  3. A very colourful piece! Isn’t it great when a piece of commercial fabric in one’s stash turns into the perfect fabric for one’s work?

  4. Very colorful! It reminds me of the Kite Festival in Taiwan where there are all kinds of animals “flying” in the sky!

  5. Lovely and colourful, great details on the individual kites….

  6. I love the diversity of the kites. The complementary orange against the blue sky makes it such a merry piece. Very nice.

  7. I love your kites. Good choice of the colors and a beautiful background fabric.

  8. This is a really happy and fun piece that captures the kite sin motion. I like the colours, your stash has worked well for you.

  9. Kites, free (almost) in the air, living their own lives, that is what I see looking at your piece. Happiness and the smell of summer, fathers and sons playing and kiting, you captured it all. Nice background and beautiful kites, love the thin lines that keep them in the sky, fine interpretation of motion.

  10. Beautiful kites especially the fish. Love the simplicity.

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