Genevieve Guadalupe – C

Organic Corn Farming

Corn or maize finds its roots in the Balsas River Valley of South-Central Mexico. It started being domesticated about 9000 years ago. Corn cultivation was introduced in South America from Mexico about 6000 years ago and began to spread north about 4000 years ago. In the 15th century, Spanish explorers and traders carried it back to Europe and introduced it to other countries. Maize is a staple of Mexican cuisine and one of the most largely consumed cereal all over the world. Corn is also used as feed for livestock, chemicals and bio-fuel. Because of its popularity it has been greatly genetically modified. Farming organic corn gives us the opportunity to return to a natural seed and enjoy the different varieties of colored corn.

Materials and technique: natural hand dyed cottons, batik cottons, cotton batting, poly thread, wood block, printing ink.

fabric dyeing, wood block printing, machine pieced, machine quilted.

genevieve guadalupe organic corn farming artquilt 15x15 2020

Detail view:

genevieve guadalupe organic corn farming detail


  1. carolinehiggs

    Great subject and I love the way it is pieced together before the very neat quilting is added. The colours work really well.

  2. what a lovely piece Irene in N Ireland

  3. Great block printing ! your choice of colour is a very good complement to the black prints; it gives a grafic look to your piece.

  4. A beautiful background for your block printing, very effective. Thanks for giving us the background information. Love the colours!

  5. joanbrailsford

    Beautiful colours and design that somehow speak to me of the long history of this crop and the myriad of uses irt has been put to. I love your repeated pattern and the stitching is perfect. Wonderful

  6. I love how you block printed this piece. It is so graphic. Beautiful colors. Bravo!

  7. Maryte Collard

    I love how each your piece tells the story of history and culture. It tells the story not only in your words but also in your work. Love the graphic of it!

  8. What a vibrant and colourful celebration of corn, from the thumbnail I did not know what to expect what a surprise. Fabulous block printing and piecing.

  9. Very effective design idea, I want to hide in your field of corn!

  10. As always, I love the way you make your design and give a great look to each quilt. The story about the history of corn makes it even more interesting, you see the waves and the way of using it through history.

  11. Lovely colours and great printing. I like the use of simple, neat quilting.

  12. The graphic quality of your piece is stunning and helps draw one’s eye throughout the composition. I also like how you used only a small amount of blue. If definitely helps balance the colors.

  13. The colours of your background reminds me of Mexico and corn. To repeat the block print is very effective. Is is your own?

  14. In Mexico, corn is life. It is at the center of our identity, our culture, and our cuisine. Love how you created a modern, colorful depiction of maize. Love this!

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