Els Mommers – Flight

Surfer in big wave

For the theme Flight I was inspired by a painting of a large wave that I recently painted on aluminium during a workshop. The huge flight that a wave takes as soon as it comes into view of land is accompanied by an enormous display of power. I wanted to place a surfer in that power so that it looks like he is flying in the wave.

The whole piece is silk painted on 15mm silk satin and thread-painted with polyester and rayon thread. Batting is 100% wool. The surfer is raw edge fused applique secured with a feston stitch with mono-filament thread. The foam of the wave is a little highlighted with some fluid white acrylic paint. Sky and beach are free motion machine stitched. The quilt is faced.

The whole process can be seen on my blog:http://kunamola.blogspot.com

Close up views:


Original painting:


  1. Kaylene Maalste

    Wow Els this is breathtaking, the workmanship is superb. Congratulations

  2. I can feel the power of the wave!

  3. This remembers me of Tenerife. Being there on a holiday many years ago, I spent a whole afternoon, sitting on the vulcanization rocks and watching the waves. Every seventh wave came under my rock and gave a fountain of water through a hole in it. I think surfers wait and count in the same way, to meet the right wave. Your design and quilting make it alive, just beautiful.

  4. Els what a powerful piece ! Incredible workmanship and very good idea ! Bravo !

  5. WOW! The power of the waves is perfectly demonstrated here, and your use of color is spot on. I particularly like the detailed quilting, especially the shoreline foam.

  6. Wow – I love the impact of this piece. The colours are stunning and you can almost hear the sea crashing on the shore. Your stitching and painting really make the scene come alive. Wonderful

  7. Magnificent as always. The choice of colours and workmanship give a powerful result. Bravo!

  8. studiociboulette

    the colors your chose transport you to power and force, joy and definitely flight. beautiful…

  9. Lovely work. The color, the composition, the idea of surf being flight. Your work touched me.

  10. The colors and the quilting are so very good! I saw this quilt in real and it’s even more beautiful.

  11. A very dramatic design. I love the shape of the wave and the detail in its stitching.

  12. For big wave surfers, there’s no greater thrill than looking at a wall of water and want ride it and fly. Powerful design and beautifully done Els!

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