Joan Brailsford – Country – Landscape

The Fjord

Inspiration:  I am inspired by my trip to the Norwegian fjords in summertime many years ago.. I used a library picture which is more detailed than my own, but which depicts what I had in my mind

I love the Norwegian scenery and had a lovely holiday there many years ago when walked extensively in the mountains, but for this challenge I decided to depict the fjords which are so much a part of the Norwegian landscape. My design is a departure from my normal way of working, as I wanted to simplify the shapes and present the view in a stylised way.

I have used blocks of hand-dyed cotton for each of the mountains, with silk fibres and merino wool additions to give detail. I used painted silk for the water, and used simple lines of machine quilting to emphasise the shapes in the hills, and ripples in the water. I added hand stitched details to hold down the fibres, and to give depth and detail to the areas of vegetation. The final result is not an exact copy of the pictute on which I based it, but is my simplified interpretation.

Detail view:

Inspiration picture:

  1. carolinehiggs

    You have managed to achieve a real sense of enormity, the towering mountains and deep water. he addition of hand stitch really adds texture to the rocks. Lovely work.

  2. Love the perspective and design. Colours are vibrant and make your quilt pop.

  3. The perspective and feeling of depth are very well represented. The addition of silk fiber and merino wool on the rocks are really effective. Bravo !

  4. Maryte Collard

    You don’t have to recreate the image exactly how it looks in a photo. Most important that you were able to catch the spirit of the place. I love the way you created the texture. Well done!

  5. studiociboulette

    Gorgeous fabrics and detail stitching. Beautiful colors. Bravo.

  6. Such vibrant colours! Even if this is a simplified interpretation, the tall mountains and very deep water are very effectively rendered. Beautiful quilting too and lovely hand stitching.

  7. I like the simplified design, the colours and how you added the wool an silk fibers. The colours of the fjord are so beautiful!

  8. Love the dramatic feel of your fiords and the colour palette makes it so fresh and airy. Beautiful!

  9. You really succeeded in capturing the overwhelming feeling of the Norwegian landscape by your use of colour and depth. Love your hand-stitched details.

  10. A great representation of the Norwiegian landscape. Your fabric choices create drama and vibrancy.

  11. very dramatic, great colours and a wonderful impression of space. Well done.

  12. Beautiful rendition of the vastness and immensity of the Norwegian landscape. Love the addition of the silk fibers, merino wool and hand stitching details. Lovely!

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