Genevieve Guadalupe – Flight

Butterflies are Free

The butterfly told me, “If you can’t fly high, fly free”.  Jerico Silvers.

Materials and technique:  Monotype print printed on cotton fabric, waterbase intaglio inks, natural dyes: bougainvillea flowers, leaf clover, hand dyed fabric, natural cotton fabric, poly batting, poly/cotton thread, machine quilted.

genevieve guadalupe butterflies are free 15x15 quilt 2019

Detail views:


  1. Beautiful work! Love the colors and the feel of freedom.

  2. Maryte Collard

    I must agree with you- flying free is wonderful feeling and you expressed it well. I am also impressed with your techniques.

  3. A beautiful way to translate flight. Love the fabric and the quilting! Less is more at its best…

  4. I love the impression of lightness coming from your piece and admire your very regular quilting !

  5. Beautiful! I have always wanted to try cyanotype and may find the time after seeing your quilt. There is definitely a wonderful sense of movement and flight in your piece.

  6. I have no idea how you printed this, but the result is so beautiful! Both colors and quilting are very well choosen.

  7. joanbrailsford

    Wonderful sense of freedom in the way that the blossoms fly away and a lovely way to interpret the theme. I like your colours and the quilting is lovely

  8. Impressive for the technique and the result. I like how you managed to give light and space to your fabric. The quilting creates depth and accentuates the flight of the petals. I love it.

  9. I love the lightness of this piece and the feeling of freedom with it evokes. fantastic stitching!

  10. Great idea. Very nicely done! Good composition.

  11. Floating petals that resemble butterflies … not to be defined, just flying free!
    Lovely interpretation and technique. Well done Genevieve.

  12. I love your natural dyes. Very nice composition and interpretation of the theme.

  13. I love the subtle colours here. Very calm and peaceful.

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