Paola Zanda – Country – Emblems

My choice could only fall on my homeland. One reason is the pride that is innate from childhood with the national holidays in which everyone participated in the town square with bonfires and the national anthem was sung. Nowadays it is no longer so felt but for our generation, it is perfectly alive in our hearts. The second reason is to make my country known through its beauties.
As an emblem, referring to my memories, I inserted the national hero Guglielmo Tell on a background of flags. The red, the white, the square and the cross are all elements that recall the Swiss flag.

Unus Pro Omnibus Omnes Pro Uno ( One for all, all for one ), is the motto written in the dome of the Federal Palace in Bern where the Swiss government resides.

Materials: Hand-dyed and commercial cotton.The white cotton is recycled from an old sheet.
Threads for sewing and embroidery.Wadding.
The Top is made up of freehand flags.
The quilting is done freehand and by hand.


Close up view
Close up view


  1. Love the complex of your emblem. And yes, I guessed it right mostly because after some months spent there years ago I can recognize it everywhere. Well done!

  2. I guessed correctly because of the flag, but could not make out the rest until I saw the full size image, very creative.

  3. Recognised it as being Switzerland. I love the way that you have given it such a modern feel, the use of the different tones of red and the irregular crosses work so well. William Tell is beautifully stitched, as always, and draws the eye into the piece. Great work, well done.

  4. It was an easy guess but you made it very interesting with things that are going on in the background. The design and workmanship perfect as always.

  5. I like the modernism of the background ! and I recognized Guillaume Tell from the front cover of the school Swiss History book when André was teaching !

  6. Wonderful! I know nothing of your national hero so I need to do some research on him. At first glance, this appears to be a simply-constructed quilt. But moving in for a closer look, I truly appreciate what you have accomplished.

  7. Did not recognise Wilhelm Tell immediately but could guess your country. Very special and creative way of presenting the national flag. I know your hero mostly through the fact that he shot an arrow through the apple perched on his son’s head and the overture to the opera Wilhelm Tell by Rossini. As the Swiss folk hero he was the obvious figure to be placed in the background of your quilt. Beautifully stitched, a lovely quilt.

  8. I recognized it too and I knew it was yours! A lovely abstract and modern interpretation of the flag of Switzerland. Your love and pride of your country shows through your composition with all the details and beautiful stitching. Well done Paola!

  9. First I recognized the Swiss flag and then I saw the beautiful stitched Wilhelm Tell. We learned about him and the bow, arrow and apple in our German classes at school.
    As others said already this quilt gives a very modern feeling and your workmanship is exquisite as always. Bravo!

  10. I love the way you have used a variety of red fabrics to create your flags, and the stitching of your central figure is awesome. What a colourful and expressive quilt that shows your national pride. Well done

  11. I love how you created a background of many irregular crosses. Really Switzerland. William Tell is very well executed. Yes, the story of your national hero and his apple is what we learned at school.

  12. A very modern and vibrant piece that really showcases these 2 emblems of your country. The stitching of William Tell is skilfully done and he adds depth to the overall design.

  13. studiociboulette

    It is such an interesting piece to me because both the background and foreground are totally different and of equal strength. Beautiful combination between modern and classic. I love it.

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