Sonia Ruiz – Re-arranged

Blue Agave

For the rearrange theme I decided to create a blue agave in batiks. I first designed my Agave on fusible web, cut it out and fused it onto the background fabric. I appliquéd the agave and added several different hand dyed Oaxacan yarns to add texture and then used fabric markers to add some shadows to create depth. Without adding more detail, I cut the quilt top into a 9 patch and rearranged it like a puzzle. Once I liked the look of it, I pieced it together into the new design.

I free motioned quilted the agave pieces in black thread to accentuate them and continued the leaves design. I echo quilted the leaves in monofilament thread to add movement and meandered around the yarn area. Once completed I added the binding and embellished with some beads and eye lash yarn.

‘Before’ design :  

Close up view: 

  1. This is striking. I love the way that you have used the black stitching to draw the new piece together, great work.

  2. Amazing and fascinating. Quilting development is very interesting.Well done.

  3. Awesome work. I love the texture of the embroidered center piece and the beautiful quilting.

  4. I like you have suggested the “broken” leaves with black stitches, it gives movement to the piece. Bright and powerful colours !

  5. I wanted to say “I like how you have suggested” …

  6. studiociboulette

    I love it Sonia. The movement that you give with the quilting is fantastic. Beautiful fabrics and colors too.

  7. Wow, what a stunning result. I love the colours and stitching and the overall effect. Beautiful.

  8. This is fascinating, especially the yard details and the stitched continuations of the cut leaves.

  9. …. that should be the yarn details…..

  10. Very vivid agave, love it!

  11. Agave re-arranged, love the idea and the way you worked it out. The stitching in black is very effective, just beautiful.

  12. So lovely how you re-arranged this piece. I really like how you continued the leaves with the black lines. The cenre part gives it an interesting focus.

  13. Very striking, lively, happy colors. Nice touch in the center.

  14. I love your. Bravery in cutting up a piece and rearranging it. The central portion really stands out. The color scheme is vibrant and suggests the Southwest. The stitching enhances the shapes. A beautiful, successful interpretation of the theme.

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