Kathryn Hickling – Seasons – The Tree Through the Window

I thought long and hard how to depict seasons. Sat there looking at the garden through the window it struck me that looking at the same thing for each season would give a four different views.
I painted the background sky with fabric paint and after much experimenting I decided to use a stencil to paint in my tree as I am not the greatest artist and wanted consistency in my pictures of the tree.
I then choose a wooden block stamp (Colouricious) to depict blossom leaves (summer & winter) and snow. I had tried carving my own but unfortunately could  not get a small enough effect. I then quilted minimally to give a frame of the window.


  1. I like your trees in all their different seasons, a great way of interpreting the theme. Well done Kathryn

  2. I love how the same tree repeats itself. Inventively use of the pattern of the woodblock covering the tree shapes.

  3. The use of repetition reinforces the theme…and your selection of the single stamp, in different colours for each season, just adds to this. I like it!

  4. joanbrailsford

    Well thought out and executed, to produce a lovely quilt. I like the way you have changed the tree with overprinting through the seasons

  5. I like your printing on the trees and how it changes colour.

  6. carolinehiggs

    Great interpretation of the changing seasons.

  7. English quilter

    A beautiful portrayal of the four seasons, The background painting came out beautifully, and the colors you used for the leaf stamps were very effective.

  8. Wonderful depiction and great technique, well done

  9. You really made a quilt of a tree in different seasons. Goos use of the colors for each season.

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