Bozena Wojtaszek – A

A is for Apple

Inspiration: For the letters theme this year I decided to go with illuminated initials for food products. This is a perfect combination of my love for medieval art and food art. And my A is for apple, of course.

Again all of my favourite techniques were in use– applique, beading, embroidery, hand and machine quilting. I also dyed the background fabric for the “old papyrus” effect and painted some extra gold spots just like the medieval monks did.

Detail views:

Full series:

  1. A lovely sixth piece, I really like the way you have constructed the letter ‘A’ it stands out really nicely as does the ‘curling’ of the background. Really coherent series, well done!

  2. A wonderful compliment to your series, the A is very coloourful and vibrant. I love the styling of your letters throughout the series. bravo

  3. Very good idea to use crazy patchwork to make the letter, it gives life to it. It really stand out on the bi-colour background ! well done ! Very effective series.

  4. I like the scrappy A. You created a beautiful series, Bozena. Well done!

  5. Your pieced “A” is quite charming, and I like the way you livened up the papyrus by giving it a bit of a curl. Each little quilt coordinates very well the others.

  6. I really like the way your series has flowed and this is a lovely ending to it. The colours and stitching are beautiful and I love the addition of the ‘papyrus’ which completes the medieval feel. A lovely piece

  7. A beautiful end to your “medieval ” series. I love the way how you have constructed the letter this time and a very nice idea to curl the papyrus. Bravo.

  8. A great finale to your series of beautiful letters. The patchwork A is very effective.

  9. That is a great conclusion to your beautiful series of letters. All of them coordinate very well together. A great idea to use patchwork to construct the letter A. Well done!

  10. The crazy pieced patchwork letter is a perfect way to end your well balanced and colorful illuminated initial series. Well done Bozena!

  11. Of course, I noticed a scrappy letter first just like others did and I liked it. Your collection very interesting and very integral.

  12. Bozena, your entire series is so delicate in color and finish, also the A again. I find your use of color and your embroidery amazing. Love your series!

  13. The perfect ending to your series. I really like it. the processing of the letter with crazy patchwork. Your culinary illuminated series is wonderfully successful it’s a pleasure to see! Congratulations, Well done!

  14. studiociboulette

    Beautiful letter, your attention to detail is incredible. I love the stitching and fine piecing. Beautiful series. Bravo

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