Caro Higgs – Progress – Disintegration

Since finishing my C & G  I want to base all my work around the subject I am currently working on, trees and their environments. I chose to use an old damask napkin that was falling to bits because it has a plant design on it. First I covered it in flour paste to form the cracks which represent the decaying cells of the leaf. I then double dyed it to get the green turning brown and yellow. The embroidery follows the lines of the damask and they too are disintegrating It has taken me far longer than it should have but I have enjoyed working with the soft damask cloth. Where the cloth had disintegrated I  have cut through the wadding and lining to leave holes in the work….



Close up View:


  1. Perfect, I like the idea of working back to disintegration, the colours and perfect for this theme. Bravo

  2. joanbrailsford

    Wow – beautifully subtle

  3. I like the flour paste cracks and the subtle colors.

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