Paramjeet Bawa – The Trails

After thinking very hard and for a very long time and exhausting my self with Connect connection and connected I took refuge in my photo albums for inspiration and this picture struck a note  close to my heart  and I pursued it.
The quilt is constructed from a digital image which was much played with on the photoshop and colour punched till the trails glowed and then stitched on at the point, no other way could I get it to mix with the border fabrics ,the quilt lines helped too.
The many fold ways that the connect can be interpreted was not much help I started with xylem and phloem going on to the human body systems drawing parallels between roadways and circulatory systems to the electricity polls running along the pathways like the neurons and then the connections we make when we talk, listen see and feel ….the connections of the heart but what I connected to is the Pathways the trails the well trodden pathways that innumerable people have put their foot prints on …it just invoked some long lost memories of the previous world something unreal something spiritual and I am still standing there ….on that trail.
Close up Views:
  1. Chantal Guillermet

    Beautiful ! I love the writing in blue and the idea of pathways

  2. Paramjeet, I love your quilt. The combination of the browns and the teal is one of my favorite color schemes. You did a great job quilting the words, too.

  3. What an outstanding quilt in both use of colour and design, your research must have been interesting leading to this outstanding quilt. Well done

  4. Beautiful. I love the design and the colors.

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