Joan Brailsford – Artist style #1


Inspiration:  For my series this year I have chosen ‘close to home’ as my subject, since travel has been limited recently which means that I have foucssed on, and been inspired by, sights which are around me.

As you may guess, my chosen artist is Hundertwasser. I love the vibrant colours and shapes, and surreal depiction of his landscapes and townscapes. I also like the fact that he ‘opposes the straight line’ – something which I will revel in since I have trouble making straight lines in my work! For my series working on the things I see around me the most obvious place to start is with the potteries, for which my city (Stoke-on-Trent) is known worldwide.

I repeated the shape of the pottery as the main design and used warm colours to represent the heat of the firing process. I followed the shape roughly with lines of chain stitch and added applique coloures shapes within each. I added lines of ribbon to represent the roads around the factory and added more coloured shapes to indicate that pottery is all over the city. I used some machine stitching and beads to complete the quilting. All the lines within the piece are slightly ‘off’ the straight.

Close up views:


  1. Great choice of artist; I love the vibrant colours and subject matter, there is so much detail and information. A great start to your series.

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    It is a very good choice Joan ! your artist was on my list too !
    I like your theme and you have mixed both choices nicely. By the shapes of the potteries I knew it was you !

  3. I love how you have interpreted Hundertwasser, and using your own environment makes this quilt extra special. Good choice of warm colours.

  4. Of course, I love your colors and I admire you being able to work in his style, but remain faithful to your beloved pottery theme.

  5. Excellent choice, Joan. All of Hundertwasser’s work has always fascinated me. You were able to elaborate your series by adding your world in an original way. Your bottle oven shape returns great and completes your first challenge perfectly. Great Job I love it!

  6. Love your choice of an artist and your idea of seeing your favorite subjects with his eyes. Well done!

  7. Great choice of artist of course. Don’t we all love his style? So nice that you took your favorite subject and presented it in his very recognizable style. Well done!

  8. Great to see the distinctive potteries shapes in a new style. The colours are brilliant and bring your artist right into Stoke and its history.

  9. Very interesting work, the color and shape. Love the artist you chose and curious to see יhow you continue.

  10. What a wonderful idea to translate the work of Hundertwasser in a “close to home” subject. I love your style. Colours and design are fabulous as are all the little coloured “Hundertwasser”appliques. Beautiful work.

  11. interesting work and I love the use of orange. It will be fun to see how you continuee with this theme.

  12. Wauw…Hundertwasser in Stoke-on-Trent! I love how you made the combination of his style and your own.

  13. “The straight line leads to the downfall of our civilization” haha! I agree about the straight lines. I recognized your curvy silhouettes, glad to see they are back in your designs. Lovely blending of styles, well done Joan!

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