Helen Hazon – Artist style #6

Artist style #6

Inspiration – the landscape paintings of David Hockney and the scenery of the Applecross peninsula in NW Scotland.

For the final quilt in this series I have chosen another sunset scene. The photograph was taken a few miles North of Applecross at a beach appropriately called Sand. This is on the West coast and so the distant view is of the hills of the Isle of Skye – ever present in this area. In October, when we usually visit Applecross, the local red deer come down from the hills and can frequently be seen around the village and estate fields and there is always evidence that they visit the beaches. In the nights we often hear the roars of the stags challenging each other as they compete for mates.

I have based my colour choices on one of Hockney’s paintings – Northern Sunset painted in Norway in 2012.

The quilt is made from cotton fabrics, mostly batiks. The stags are made from black nylon net and I used rayon thread for the embroidery.  


  1. Another immaculate piece! Great subject matter and I love the way you have the colours reflecting in front of the stags. Love it!

  2. Beautiful transposition and interpretation of the photo. I really like the choice of fabrics. Nice result.Bravo!

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    Great choice of colours ! the composition is lovely and complements nicely your series.

  4. Exquisite interpretation and execution of design. Love the vibrant colours. Bravo

  5. studiociboulette

    Beautiful interpretation of the photo. Nice attention to detail and stitching. Bravo!

  6. What a lovely rendition of the photo. Great choice of fabrics and stitching. And the deer so life like! Wonderful composition and great finale to your series.

  7. Lovely colours. A great final of your series, Helen!

  8. I must agree with everybody on your fabric choice. Such a peaceful scene, great addition to your collection. Bravo!

  9. It is a work that gives strong expression to nature. The deer, the mountains and the color, it all blends so well.

  10. In your Applecross series you have interpreted and intertwined the colorful world of David Hockney and yours beautifully. Great finale and addition to your series!

  11. Gorgeous execution of your photo. I love your colors. A beautiful end to your great series.

  12. joanbrailsford

    Lovely colours that give a very atmospheric depiction of your scene. The hills in the background are beautiful and the tecnique you have used to create the stags is perfect. A great end to your series

  13. Love the use of a primary color scheme with high contast.

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